Top 5 Anime Opening Winter 2013

We are reaching the middle of the Winter 2013 Season! It is time to look at all the best anime openings of the season and to compile them into this Top 5.

This season was a lot weaker than the last in terms of both anime quality and in the openings themselves. The competition was not nearly as intense as last season, and I dare say that the last few positions of our top 5 would not usually deserve a spot in a top 5; they just got lucky this season. After lowering our criteria, we still managed to complete the Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Opening, and here it is.

Number 5: Amnesia  – Zoetrope by Nagi Yanagi.

The opening of Amnesia makes it as our 5th best entry for this season. The animation for this opening is good, the art is beautiful and the scenery and characters are not only still shots. Having said that, the main animation for the opening isn’t great either; it is just in the high end of the average. The only thing that made this opening looks more  stunning than another is the multiple effects that compliment the animation. May it be the cards, the water droplets or the cinematography film, those effects gave the dreamy feeling necessary for this opening to barely make it into our top 5.

While the animation of this episode wasn’t anything exceptional, the song of this intro (Zoetrope by Yagi Nanagi) was pure fantasy into my ears. The song is good enough to be heard on its own, but it fits even better with the opening of Amnesia. The song and animation fit nicely together, and it is always great to see that the animator take the time to match their stuff to the music instead of just throwing everything together and hoping it’ll do something decent.  Because of this (and also because most of the season opening are shit) Amnesia claimed the 5th spot of our Winter 2013 Anime Top 5! Don’t get me wrong, this opening was great; it just didn’t have much else to fight over in this 5th position.


Number 4: Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited – LAST RESOLUTION by Emblem of THE UNLIMITED

The intro of Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited is a generic shounen opening, with little originality in the way it is presented; I could have changed the characters presented with any other shounen characters and no one would have realized the difference. Yet, this season has no need for originality to make it in the top 5. Because of the shortcoming of its competitors, this intro manages to make it in the 4th spot for this Winter. The music for Zettai Karen is ordinary at best. It is so cliché shounen that it is difficult to differentiate it with any other shounen song out there, but shounen songs are always nice to hear even if you can’t remember them afterwards. Unfortunately, the animation of the show doesn’t match the song in any way. The animations were simply stamped on top of the song without any consideration to the rhythm and they hoped something good would come out of it even if it isn’t really in sync.

Well they were lucky because the animation alone for this opening gave this show the 4th spot of this top 5. The 360 Panoramic shots and the moving backgrounds were the things that brought this show from a random generic opening to a contestant with the best of the season. Unfortunately  the opening was still pretty generic overall and therefore it won’t go anywhere closer to the top spot.


Numer 3: Love Live! School idol project – Bokura wa Ima no Naka de by μ’s

Already we are halfway through our Top 5 and it’s about time that we start to see some pretty amazing openings. Love Live! is beautiful, but that’s not the reason why this opening gets the 3rd spot. After all, this show is an idol show and it is therefore simply fitting that the opening song shows us just how good the characters can sing and dance. The animation in this show might be 3D, but it looks way better than any I’ve seen before. The dancing in the opening is fluid and realistic, and when I look at them dance I have this feeling inside of me that compels me to start dancing with them. The choreography is interesting and entertaining to watch, the synchronization might not be perfect, but I declare it good enough that you won’t be able to witness it unless you really pay attention to it.

I’m no fan of idol shows, but I’m a fan of this opening: the dancing and the music goes well together, and the animation for the dances are simply majestic. For those reasons, Love Live! School idol project makes it to the 3rd place of our Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Opening.


Number 2: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Theme – Bloody Stream by Coda

Now, I wish that the final 2 spots in our Top 5 didn’t already feature in our Fall 2012 Top 5, but what can I say; this season blew in terms of openings and therefore we have no choice but to include them into this Top 5. Jojo won the first spot of our last Opening Top 5, and it reached the 2nd spot this season. Unfortunately, this second opening theme lost a lot of the quality that made the first one such a great hit. For one, the song is mediocre and not as catchy as the original opening. The more I listened to the song, the more it got on my nerves. Yet even with such an unnerving song, this show managed to get the second spot because of how awesome the animation and art was in the opening. The style is unique, everything is fluid and everything is exceptionally well animated. It doesn’t happen often that you can watch an anime opening and be sure that you won’t see anything that looks even remotely like a scene directly off of some random episode.

While I found this opening really disappointing compared to the original, it was still ages beyond anything this season had to offer and therefore it is worthy of the second position of this Top 5.


Number 1: Psycho-Pass – Out of Control by Nothing’s Carved in Stone

Psycho-Pass won second place in our last Top 5 opening and it is already back with a new and definitively impressive opening for us to gaze at. While I must admit that I liked the original opening better for its mysterious and artistic feel, I appreciate this opening just as much but in a whole different way. This time around, Psycho-Pass gave us a catchy, English song with a feeling more centered around duty and the reality of a harsh world, rather than the discovery of the unknown that we had in the first opening. This new opening didn’t disappoint in the level of quality like the second opening of Jojo, and therefore it is now Psycho-Pass’ turns to take the top spot in our Anime Top 5 Opening.

The song is on par with some of the best of the season; the art is unique and different and completely animated. The one thing that I found a little disappointing with this opening is that the music and the animation were not tailor-made for each other; you could have changed the song for another song with the same style and the opening would have felt the same. Having said that, this opening still deserves the first position of the Top 5 anime opening of the Winter 2013 season; it is by far the best there is, and not even Jojo came close enough to perfection to challenge Psycho-Pass. Now time to watch this OP in loop for days! (After all, it is the only one we can watch from this season.)


Honourable Mention

There was another opening that definitively deserved to be in this Top 5 even though it couldn’t actually make the list itself. Shinsekai Yori had an Opening for a single episode, and while the opening served only as a way to tell the characters’ past, it was still better than most opening in the season and even in this Top 5. As an unofficial opening, we thought we’d give it an honourable mention, since we believe that nothing else could have ever made the list. It was tough enough to find 5 good openings; nevermind ones that could have made the list.

Shinsekai Yori – Yuki ni Saku Hana by Kana Hanazawa

This concludes our Top 5! Enjoyed it? Didn’t agree? Let us know in comments below, and we’ll be sure to reply. 
P.S.: If any one of these videos doesn’t work, please notify us and we will re-upload them as fast as possible. 

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