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Top 5 Anime Opening Complete

We are right in the middle of the Holiday season, but we still wanted to share with you what we found to be the very best opening themes of this Fall 2014 Anime Season even if the post came out later than usual this time. We went through every new opening theme of the many anime currently airing and selected the ones we believed to be the 5 best according to specific categories: the quality of their song selection, the quality of the art and animation, the timing/synchronization between audio and visual elements, and finally the elements of story-telling or originality in the opening.

Number 5: Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu – Let Me Hear by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Alright, we have to admit, it wasn’t an easy decision to choose which anime opening would get this spot (as it is every season…). There were 3 or 4 openings that were all rather similar in quality and content and determining the one which was most fit to feature on the list might have implied some bias. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte: the Maxim) has a rather traditionally well done opening. We have some beautiful stills of the characters and the universe, we have interesting background effects which give life to said stills and most of all, a very original and powerful song. There is no direct flaw to this opening, but a lot more can be done to make the opening feel more alive and interesting as will be shown in the even better opening of this Top 5. Despite this, the Opening Theme for Parasyte remains very solid and its song is pure awesome, which is why it features as No. 5 on our list.


Number 4: Gugure! Kokkuri-san – Welcome!! DISCO Kemokemoke by Daisuke Ono & al.

Remember what we said about Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu being a bit too ordinary? Well, here is a stark opposite. Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a comedy anime that does well even in its opening. If you have trouble understanding the jokes, I would recommend looking up a subtitled version of the opening. It is light-hearted, it is funny, it is animated and dynamic. This opening brings you into the show with the right mindset, you have yet to begin watching and you already want to laugh and have a very light good time. This is not a wonderful work of art or explosions of epicness, this opening is simply good fun presented in a warm and positive way, which works wonderfully well with the genre of the anime. Thanks to that, it is displayed here proudly as the 4th best opening of the Fall 2014 anime season.

Number 3: Psycho-Pass 2 – Enigmatic Feeling by Ling Tosite Sigure

As we just mentioned that our fourth position was not a wonderful piece of work, we begin to see just what such a statement means. Number 3 features the Psycho-Pass 2 opening, a dark mix of emotions, corruption and madness. This opening might be a lot more difficult to understand and decipher: some might see only a jumble of images put together and jumping above one another, while others might see spoilers for the entire arc hidden between each transitions. There are many ways to appreciate this opening; it is intelligent, and layered in ways to make you wonder what its true meaning is. Someone who has watched the show might be surprised to find out that most of the spoilers and twists of the story were already all hidden in there (and if you haven’t watched the show… Well… Sorry). This is the reason why Psycho-Pass has the 3rd position of our Top 5: because of the creativity and intelligence of its opening. It is beautiful, rhythmic and most of all meaningful, and this is what makes for great anime opening themes.

Number 2: Sword Art Online II – Courage by Haruka Tomatsu

If Psycho-Pass 2 managed to grab the third position by its intelligence, multiple layers and depth, Sword Art Online II managed it with it’s simplicity and fast pace. While our Number 3 might have been difficult to interpret for people unfamiliar with the show or people unwilling to spend the time untangling its meaning, this second opening of SAO season 2 avoids all those problems by presenting a very clear image of its characters and its universe. In a quick 90-second video, we are able to have a grasp of the main players in the story and their role in the universe; the animation is vivid, it is filled with action and most of all it is simple and still fast-paced. There is great value in a simple opening when it is done at such a high quality as this one. There is very little explaining required here, and anyone can see for themselves how good yet simple this is while still being more entertaining than most of the previous ones. Yet, simplicity alone is not enough to be the very best – the best opening of the season requires something even more than perfection in simplicity, and we managed to find just that in our next title.

Number 1: Shingeki no Bahamut – Genesis – Existence by SIM

Epicness. This is what was missing from the very beginning. We’ve had traditional, we’ve had funny, we’ve had complex and simple…but we had yet to have truly epic. With a powerful song from SIM and ridiculously gorgeous animation, we finally met an opening that was impossible to ignore. Some people might not find the song to be most pleasing and might consider it too hardcore, but combining it with the incredible transitions and visual representations of the multiple characters and their universe, this opening is simply beyond any other this Fall season. What awed us most in the opening were the high-quality transitions from anime to manga and back to anime that happened constantly. Continuously, we are presented with alternative transition between multiple art styles that each help represent even better a particular scenario or character. There really is no better description and explanation for our choice of the best opening than WOW.


This concludes our Top 5! Enjoyed it? Didn’t agree? Let us know in comments below, and we’ll be sure to reply.
P.S.: If any one of these videos doesn’t work, please notify us and we will re-upload them as fast as possible.
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