Toriko Episode 2: Good? Bad? Not my type of show? I dunno!

Everyone, get your stomachs ready because this show is all about FOOD!!! To start off, let me say this: I. DEEPLY. Hate. the. Opening. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It reminds me of One Piece’s “We Are” that they repeated 3 times and that I completely despised as well -_-‘. But apart from that, let’s forget about it see what this show will be like :).

The episode starts off with a short explanation of the world The whole world is basically all centered around delicious FUD 😀 Damn right!, where Toriko is busy fishing, now obviously, the terms “fishing” for us and for him are somewhat different. Apparently, when he fishes, he automatically gets the most gigantic thing in town, and in order to make us feel like we suck even more at that sport he manages to catch a bird while fishing HE FISHES AND CATCHES A FUCKING BIRD. WTF.

Yeah, okay. Youre cool and we suck at fishing. We get it. Gee.

It is then that Toriko gets a request from the Gourmet Association, and with Komatsu by his side he must catch a GALALAWANI (Wani = Crocodile, I left it in Japanese because it just sounds SO AWESOME when you say it)! So he goes, to the Baron Archipelago, and after a short description of the archipelago and after he’s scared the shit out of Komatsu, goes on an adventure in the isle and scares the hell out of many different creatures with different capture levels. After mentioning that “there is something unusual with the forest” because the big guys are all on the outskirts of the archipelago, he states that there is probably something humongous in the heart of the archipelago and then states he might have to use them (the knife and fork technique-thingy he used during the special, the one that I found completely retarded, remember?).

After some more adventuring, it turns out the humongous beast Toriko was worried about is in fact a Galalawani, except twice the size that he expected it to be, making it an approximate capture level 8. You know, because this show apparently wants to start off with weak in terms of kinds of creatures Toriko’s going to have to defeat IT’S FREAKIN’ HUMONGOUS!. After a short fight, Toriko decides to get serious, then uses his “KNIFE AND FORK!” and defeats the ginormous thing easily, with no trouble at all.

The episode is then cut off by a scene where we seem to see a forecoming bad guy, someone who observes how the Galalawani lived and who is apparently looking for “the” ingredient. He also mentions something about Toriko being one of the “heavenly kings” hmmm, I’m curious now...

After a very delicious looking feast where meat is suddenly taken on a whole other level, we learn what Komatsu’s dream is, and afterwards we learn what Toriko’s dream is more in details. The episode ends as Toriko predictably eats the whole crocodile to himself, without leaving any for the Gourmet Association Come on, I’ve seen enough of Luffy to know that this was going to happen.


Hmmm… To be honest I’m not so sure what to think of this show. It looked quite interesting at first, however now I currently have no idea what the main plot will be and I really have no idea how this is going to turn out. It looks a bit like those childish shounen where the main character always wins without any troubles… I’ll seriously have to wait and watch more of this, because right now I’m in a huge mindfuck as to what’s going to happen. At least one bad guy has showed up, so that’s cool, but whether this bad guy is going to be bad during the whole show or only the first part is completely unknown to me.


Also, the fact that Toriko is already so freakin’ strong that he can beat something like a capture level 8 right from the first episode has got me wondering how he will manage to get stronger, I mean he’s already one of the best, how can he get better? Oh, and I’ve said it before, but the knife and fork technique looks retarded. Seriously, it’s really unoriginal and just plain weird. However, the Demon in the back makes it look a little more serious and the one thing that bothers me the most is really the how and the when. How does this technique work, and when did he start using it? I really hope I won’t deceived, because I’m the kind of person who needs an almost sensical explanation to techniques, I don’t like it when things are just left as is because in my head having a demon show up behind you is definitely not normal.

Oh, and by the way… Let me just mention this. This show makes everything sound so fantastic and fabulous and majestic and whatnot… Please remember: This WHOLE show is about FOOD. Seriously, food is taken on a much higher level in this show, it’s kinda scary O.o .

Anyways, Please note that I will keep blogging this, although I’m not sure what to think of the show so far it’s still on my watching list because it could still turn out really awesome. I haven’t forgotten the fact that One Piece was involved in this last week!

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