Toriko Episode 3: Nice Plotlines Coming, and MORE FOOD!!!

 *drools* SO. MUCH. FUUUUUD!

The show starts off with once again a small explanation of the world, this time the explanation is focused on the marketplace of the Gourmet Central, which is 3,000 hectares and FULL OF FOOD! 😀

The story, starting in the said marketplace, begins as Tina, a food reporter, starts bitching complaining about a certain fish that she claims isn’t fresh. Komatsu, hearing the argument, goes to see, and realizes that, in fact, the food isn’t fresh and backs himself up with arguments. After the argument becomes pretty heated, Toriko then comes in, ends the whole argument with a dragon in his hands, nonetheless and Tina idolizes him no duh, he’s holding a dragon in his hands and asks for an interview with the dragon.

Tehe. Dragonz.

It is then that we encounter the IGO (International Gourmet Organization’s Foodstuff Development Department Chief, Johannes whoever he is, he seems important. He bitches at the reporter, then kicks her out bitch please and then offers Toriko a job to find the Rainbow Fruit, a really special fruit that probably tastes freakin’ AWESOME. Now, anyone would be able to get it, however there is one problem: Troll Kongs live near it Freakin’ gorillas with a CAPTURE LEVEL 9?!?! O____O Therefore, this is a job for TORIKO!!! Of course, why would he be scared of a pack of Trolls? I mean, he’s way too cool to be scared… A PACK of level 9’s… O_O.

So he goes to the “garden”, a special enclosed forest made by the IGO, and as he goes in he is followed by Tina, who despite having been kicked out heard everything about the fruit. Since the guards in front didn’t want to open the gate, Toriko decides “I’ll be badass and look freakin’ cool by destroying this humongous wall of concrete!” He does, and I have to admit that it does look freakin’ badass WTF?!?!?!?! HOW THE HELL IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

After having paralyzed one Troll Kong, it doesn’t take long for us to see that in front of the Rainbow Fruit lives a humongous tribe of Troll Kongs Oh. They probably should’ve mentioned their definition of “a pack”. I didn’t think the numbers could go in thousands. What. The. Hell. Toriko starts a huge wave of Knockings a special machine that knocks them out in one shot, and once he can finally use “intimidate”he couldn’t before for some stupid reason that was explained really badly, he manages to scare away all the Troll Kongs, including the Boss Huh? How? What? Why? I don’t get it!!!.

In the end, Toriko gets the fruit, and after a useless scene with Tina, tastes what seems to be the most delicious thing in the world. He chooses it as the dessert in his full course menu, then we witness once again the bad guys that we met last episode, and they seem to think that Toriko wants to rule the world and that he has “started to move” Ohh, nice twist… This sounds interesting... We then witness more foreshadowing as a man predicts he will see Toriko sometime soon, and then the episode ends.


This episode, in my opinion, was much better than the last one.

You can't say that this doesn't look good. I mean, come on...

First of all, there seems to be many plotlines beginning, and one of them intrigues me to the highest point. Apparently, the people we


would think are “the bad guys” believe that Toriko is the bad guy, hence why they are against him. That in itself seems pretty interesting, since we know pretty much already that Toriko is a good guy, I mean all he wants is to fill in his full course menu (which I’m kinda wondering if that whole arc is gonna last long, considering he’s found one dish already) and eat food. Then comes in the other random dude who predicted his future, however I’m pretty sure he’s going to be introduced around next episode or something.

All this plot has started and makes me wonder how everything will tie in together, there was a lot of foreshadowing in this and I’m intrigued!

This week, we also got to meet a new character, the reporter Tina. Personally, I’m thinking she’s just going to be the random character popping in once in a while only to film things, but then again you never know, maybe she’ll become important! All that counts is that now she was introduced, and she showed up enough for me to believe that she’ll show up again.

Talking about characters, I hate their designs, and to be honest their personalities seem bland. There aren’t really any flashy characters right now, and most of all I had hoped that Toriko would have more of a distinct personality. He’s too serious for me Remember, you showed Toriko to a bunch of One Piece fans, we want more than this! The only thing about characters that got me really interested was Toriko’s “intimidation”, which I really wonder how it works and how Toriko got that special power. It’s definitely not normal to have a demon hanging out behind your back everytime you become powerful O.o .

...Definitely not... O_O

The art is also really bad. For something showing up in 2011, I’m not impressed, and the character designs are what I hate the most.

To finish up, let me just say that when Toriko was eating the Rainbow Fruit I could hear my stomach growling… I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!

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