Triage X episode 1 [First Impression]: Triangular Boobs

Triage X triangular boobs

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 Triage X is an anime where an organization who consider themselves to be society’s surgeons. They find the cancer of society and make sure to destroy them to keep our society healthy. They are a team of very deadly surgeon, that’s for sure. The concept of the anime is interesting, a team of highly skill individual working in the dark to eliminate the evil of society. It is not something new or original in any way, but it is one that can be made fun and interseting for sure. With a proper serious approach it can be an awesome story, unfortunately, the way Triage X is done kind of ruins everything serious it tries to achieve.

Triage X Triage X creepy rapist

Triage X is a show that relies on virgin boy logic too much and it distills everything else, making it impossible to take seriously. Between the girl being raped and abused at every corner, the triangular boobs and the many female character with just about no clothing on for no apparent reason, this anime’s approach on ecchi is simply horrendous. The ecchi is not a part of the story or doesn’t add anything to it, if anything it ruins the show because of how superficial it is done. Even worse, the show has a huge emphasis on pointless nakedness and yet it censors itself! Make up your mind already.

Triage X killer

Attrocious ecchi aside, I also have issue with the way the action and universe is set up, there is just not enough research and realism in the show. Triage X doesn’t try to be over the top, it is not an over-exaggeration of anything (except triangular boobs), yet the action is senseless, the characters acts like gods and somehow everyone has the time to throw entire discussion and idol acts in between of a gunfight. I just can’t deal with this show, I don’t recommend it to anyone, it is a complete fail to me. Don’t waste your time on this piece of crap.

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