Trinity Seven episode 1 [First Impression]: Welcome to this all girl school of magician, things definitively won’t get ecchi !

Trinity Seven Trinity Seven

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 I must admit that so at the beginning Trinity Seven gave me a really strong déjà vue, it reminded me a lot of Mahou Sensou. While the story is rather different and turns into much more of an ecchi harem scenario in Trinity Seven, the whole world creation and magical school scenario just resonated very similarly. Trinity Seven is obviously a much lighter show than Mahou Sensou, it won’t try to be as epic or go for the complex storyline. The second half of the episode gave us an obvious preview of what the show would actually be all about. I like it when anime are rather direct in what they plan to be, at least now I know if I am on-board with Trinity Seven or if I would only be disappointed if I watched hoping for the epic mystery and fantasy propose in the first half of the show.

Trinity Seven liliath

Now when it comes to me, I’m a sucker for this genre of anime. Trinity Seven is obviously a rather stupid show, there won’t be that much story or that much universe development. You can be certain that everything will be about conquering the girl and having as many ecchi situations as possible. I must have seen a dozen anime exactly like this one, Trinity Seven really doesn’t bring anything new to the table here, it is as generic as any other, yet I still want to watch it somehow. I seriously cannot find a single reason to justify this anime existing, it seems to be well done, it has its personality, but overall it remains hugely within the norm and doesn’t stand out of its genre one bit.

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I can’t even recommend this show to anyone, unless you are a desperate ecchi lover like me. I don’t think anyone else than a die hard fan of the genre can like this show, if you come in for anything else than the harem, you will be disappointed. I will be watching this show and while I am ashamed to admit it, I also want to blog it this season if I find room for it. Nothing wrong with a few boobies each season right?

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