Tsuritama episode 4: Haru’s magic

I don’t even know why I am watching this show, the story is a big “what the fuck is this shit” and nothing is serious in the show, everything is out of the ordinary. Yet, the show has a really serious and intelligent undertone and  both layer are supposed to overlap somehow. Now, if I’m wondering why I’m watching this show, I’m even more curious as to why I like it so much.

He dropped the bass....wub wub wub

I guess it is because of the character development. Even in all this absurdity, the character development is really well done and interesting, it actually feels real, it represent some very real and existent issues that could be present in the life of just about anyone.

He only go for the big ones, you have no chance girl

This episode the friendship relationship between the 3 friends really improved a lot, Yuki is now a lot more open about his emotions and so his the prince. Keeping things to yourself is never the right solution. Some people thing that by exposing themselves to the world they expose their weakness and that most people will use the information against them, but the truth is, the more honest you are with the people around you, the happier you will be in life. You will have more confidence because suddenly you won’t have to be afraid about the things that you think. You will also feel more understood, since now people don’t have to guess in order to figure you out.

If you stop playing mind game with yourself, if you just accept your needs and emotions and tell them to the world, yes some people will think you are a weirdo, but overall, you will see that you will find many more people who will just find you interesting and who will want to be your friend. One of those days if you grow some balls, you can try it out yourself too.

In a completely different topic, I really like the ending of the show. It simply reflect perfectly the atmosphere of Tsuritama, relax, innocent and a sense of sad serenity. I feel like the song is always in the grey area between sadness and happiness and therefore it is up to your mood and your interpretation of the moment to decide if it is a happy conclusion or a sad one. I find it really interesting, since usually most songs are either black or white. I like it when the viewer is given the freedom to decide how to interpret certain things in the story, it makes it feel closer to a book and it let you imagine and impregnate your own personality and feeling into the story, it gives a more personal feeling to the show, which I really appreciate.

I won’t lie and say that I am curious about the story development of next episode, honestly I don’t care, but I’m sure I’ll have a great time no matter what anyway.

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