Tsuritama episode 8: Crashing on the Beach

While we already knew it was the case a long time ago, it is kind of funny to see Haru’s identity as an alien be confirmed by somebody else. Akira finally confronted Haru directly, and he decided he won’t be taking any action against him and that instead he would help him accomplish his objective. Haru is such an idiot, yet somehow he was chosen to go and protect a planet from one of their kind. But all this alieny stuff gives me a feeling of déjà vu, I feel like Haru is the new Nappa and his sister is Vegeta. That girl might look inoffensive, but she is the brain AND the brawl of the operation. Haru is only good at socializing and getting himself easily discovered. What kind of undercover agent goes around telling everyone they are a spy anyway?

Most of the episode was focused on Natsuki and Sakura, their relationship is obviously not a simple one as of late since the passing of their mother, and that was many years ago. At least in the end they were able to come back on their difference and they could finally stop running from each other. Their mother only lives in their memories and dream anymore, but she can be as real as they want if they share those memories together, no one truly dies until they are completely forgotten by everyone around them, some people had such great impact on the life of so many that history might never forget about them. Natsuki’s mother will live so long as he decides that she is important for him, she will be his guardian angel for as long as he needs her.

It was touching to see Natsuki and Sakura reunite after searching for her for so long, I know the scary feeling of loneliness when you think you’ve lost someone dear to you and you are not able to find them anywhere anymore, it is even more cruel than death. You can’t know for sure, you can never lose hope in the end. You can never say goodbye to that person.

Meanwhile in the world of Tsuritama, it seems that shit are going down right now. There are thousands of boats crashing on the shore of Enoshima with people dancing on their ship, this cannot be good. It seems like no one died just yet, but with the amount of destruction coming to the shore, it is just a question of luck and time before something catastrophic happens. That alien that creates the Bermuda syndrome and that’s having fun controlling human and making them dance, I have no idea what his plan is, but it sounds fishy. Why is there always a giant triangle floating in the sky when he appears? I have no clue either. It is quite funny how I’m desperately trying to make sense of this show, even though the show was never meant to be logical in any way.

How did I manage to watch an ugly, actionless, nonsensical show for so long? I don’t know. But  I guess it is the same reason why I was nearly in tears when Natsuki found his little sister again.

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