May Update

It has been way too long since I was last productive, and it showed. It has been forever since we last had a front page update and here it is. A lot has happened in the last month and here is a summary and link to just about everything new that we have.


What is this? We actually have a post in gaming? That’s a surprise! You can click the thumbnail below to read a review of Sim City’s post-launch drama and learn why this game isn’t fun to play.


The Winter season is over and we are now well into Spring. The new season brought many new shows and you can read all of our First Impressions right here.

Since we are already mid-season, we released recently our seasonal Top 5 Anime Opening. This is our post where we watch every new opening of the season and choose the 5 best for everyone to enjoy.

Meanwhile you can read our weekly coverage by selecting thumbnails of shows of your choice below. There are a lot of super interesting shows this season and I recommend everyone to check them out.

Aku no Hana honest facial expressionHataraku Maou-sama! crying herooreimo kirino smileShingeki no Kyojin ErenSuisei no Gargantia srsbsnss mode onValvrave the Liberator zombie haruto


Last, but not least, there were not as many technology posts as there used to be since Niwatix had issues with his computer, but you can still read about those two last posst from him. In the near future you can also expect a new series to start in the technology section. You will learn more about that in the week to come.

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