Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete episode 1 [First Impression]: Love triangles and.. Oh wait.

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Akiyama Sou and Sasaki Kaori have been childhood friends for a long time, and are now in high school as a part of the astronomy club. Kaori obviously likes Sou, but the subject of these feelings doesn’t seem to realize at all that this is the case. After a few days where Kaori and Sou are forcefully put alone together, Kaori finally confesses to him, but she does not hear Sou’s reply because on her way home she dies… Or does she? The preview sends us right back to a few days ago, when everyone was still preparing for the festival.


Well, this was certainly interestingly paced. What we thought could be a regular, club-oriented RomCom suddenly decided to give us the turn and make this into a Supernatural Drama? Whatever it is, there seems to be time travelling involved. And Ghosts. Heck, I have no idea where this show is going, but that’s exactly why I feel like I want to watch it.

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As a pure RomCom, I am so far pretty satisfied of the way things were going for the most part of the episode. We just barely finished episode 1 and already there is quite an obvious love triangle set in place, with in the middle the very conventional master of obliviousness as a main character. Who does he love? Frankly, he doesn’t seem to love anyone, and I feel like his half-reply to Kaori’s confession wasn’t entirely genuine (I mean, she does have big boobs, so why not… Right…). Also, I haven’t read the VN to this but it seems to me that Airi has many more chances of becoming the final girl than Kaori does, if only because she seems to be a much cooler character in general (also, she doesn’t die in the first episode…) From what I can pick up from all this, it feels like this show could have pulled something pretty cool just with its romance…

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But then there’s the supernatural part, which seems to literally overturn everything about the show, and honestly makes me wonder what the hell I might be making myself watch over the next couple of weeks. The appearance of the ‘ghost’ gives this the chance to turn into a harem-like story (and follows along with the personality of the main protagonist), whereas Kaori’s death and the sudden return to a few days earlier makes this a time-travelling and mystery-like show… Really, what the hell am I watching? The genres are so mixed up that I can’t even tell anymore.

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In any case, this was clearly an interesting watch. I’d recommend anyone who doesn’t despise school life to at least give the first episode a try. Whatever you think of the episode remains your own opinion, but I personally really enjoyed this; put me up to watch/possibly blog this!

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