Valvrave the Liberator episode 10: the Beast loses his virginity

Valvrave the Liberator saki raped

Well, I might have said in the past that the show had a bit too much romance which I didn’t care for and that was true, but now things have become increasingly interesting, I was starting to think the show was a bit too soft and childish, but I never expected for Haruto to become a real monster this episode. This is not just about biting people and taking over their bodies anymore, Haruto has straight up lost control over his body and both greed and lust dominated him. Saki was ready to accept him, but I think she never expected that she would have to accept him that way. Then again Saki seemed to have experience with unwanted sexual intercourse so she could bear it better than others, but this brings a lot more complication in the love triangle.

Valvrave the Liberator beast mating

It was already not clear if Haruto would rather try to keep his humanity and go with Shouko or if he would try to go with Saki since she is a monster just like him, now everything makes a lot more sense in this love triangle. Haruto lost his virginity to Saki, he even lost his humanity and Saki was the one who was there to accept him. They are both monsters now, I believe the term Holy Spirit to be a bit of a stretch, Akuma would be a much better word. When at any moment you can lose control and rape anyone near you, it is clear that he won’t be able to stay in society much longer. Meanwhile when Shouko will learn about what happen she might have trouble coping with it, especially after she made such a grandiose announcement during her electoral speech.

Valvrave the Liberator new president shouko

I can’t wait to learn more about this show, I was very critical of Valvrave in the beginning, but the more things goes on, the better the show becomes. It isn’t as empty and stupid as I believed it to be before. Now you have great student pilot, 4 of them, but they are becoming monster faster than they would have like. The president is Shouko and she is aware of that fact, but maybe even her will have trouble to deal with unstable beast filled with lust. Haruto might be the only one affected for now, but when the 3 boys and Saki starts fucking and killing people left and right, things might be problematic. While right now Haruto only took control of other people bodies and raped Saki, there is no telling if he won’t murder an innocent in the future just because its instinct tells him so.

Valvrave the Liberator revealing outfit

At the very least Saki must be happy now, she has won a great victory in keeping Haruto for himself, after what he did to her he won’t have much choice but to accept his fate and go with the woman who can forever satisfy his urges, the woman who lost her humanity just like him.

Valvrave the Liberator after the act

Next episode there will be a lot of drama it is certain, I’m sure that this time the Dorssian army won’t fail to capture at least one of them and if I’m not mistaken, I’d put my money on Saki. There is no way things won’t go even worse from here, we are reaching the end of the first season after all !

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