Valvrave the Liberator episode 11: I killed my other love interest’s father…let’s get married!

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So many things I never expected happened this episode. I never expected that Shouko’s father would actually die so soon, if he died at all. I didn’t expect for L-elf to be so easily outwitted and I surely didn’t expect for Haruto to make his choice of partner for the future right away. Now let’s go over each of those thing one by one.

Valvrave the Liberator marriage

Last episode, Haruto promised Shouko to save the ex-prime minister; yet not only did he fail this episode, he is actually the one who killed him. Haruto will need very solid nerves when he learns everything because there is a lot to take for someone with such a peaceful mentality. He raped Saki, he killed Shouko’s father and now he will marry Saki right before Shouko tells him how she feels. I can already smell the major breakdown and I love it. At the beginning of the season I disliked Haruto quite a lot, but I think it is a good thing. Now he seems to be changing ever more each passing episode. He is making tough decisions and adapting to survive as his reality changes. He cannot live by the words of the past, and now he has to change his morality and standards.

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It must have been a tough decision for him to ask out Saki like that, and even to ask her to marry him of all things. He is skipping quite a few steps; their relationship sure escalated quickly. He went from liking her, to raping her, to marrying her. Quite the weird progression, but they are really the best match for each other. I think that Haruto realized it when he raped Saki; he is an uncontrollable monster now, he cannot be with a normal human girl. He needs someone who can accept him for the monster he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the reasons he refuses to go with Shouko is because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He loves her too much to have her deal with his dangerous and uncontrollable urges. Now both Saki and Haruto will have at least a peace of mind and they won’t be alone anymore; they will both remain eternally young and monstrous.

Valvrave the Liberator valvrave battle

Now onto different characters. Since the very beginning, we saw L-elf as the perfect strategist who could predict everything, and this episode it was quite the nice change of pace to see him finally outwitted by his former teacher. I love powerful characters, but hate it when someone is completely invincible and indestructible. It is great to see that even the mighty L-elf can lose sometimes; the only difference is that his responsibilities in all this are so big that when he misses something, a lot of people die. Previously, people were nearly rebelling because a single girl died while they were attacked. I can guarantee you that this time around a lot more than a single person died from what we already saw. We are already only at the first stage of the invasion of the module but surely we can expect for a lot of deaths to occur.

Valvrave the Liberator invasion

This show will have a second season in fall, but I feel like summer will be long. Knowing Sunrise, everything will end on an impossible cliffhanger and I’ll want to rip my hair out for the whole summer. We still have 2 more episodes to go though and from the look of things they won’t be boring in any way. I’m already looking forward to next week!

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2 Responses to Valvrave the Liberator episode 11: I killed my other love interest’s father…let’s get married!

  1. Irenesharda says:

    Honestly, since we didn’t see L-11’s reaction to Cain’s invasion, I have a feeling he was counting on that too. Don’t be surprised if next episode we find that he knew Cain was going to invade and kept it away from the students for his own purposes. He doesn’t seem too concerned with stay to his contract with Haruto since he’s perfectly willing to kill Shoko if need be.

    • Zeroghj says:

      You do have a good point, it certainly wouldn’t be out of L-elf character to do something like that. It would actually be exactly like him to add some kind of twist like that to his strategy.

      Having said that, I found both possibilities just as likely. I wouldn’t personally bet one way or another for now.

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