Valvrave the Liberator episode 12 [Final] : The Founder meets the Magus

Valvrave the Liberator unit 2

Well, it is not like I didn’t predict it and called it next week, but this episode, which marks the end of the first season of Valvrave, ended in a spectacularly frustrating final cliff hanger. We only have to wait through summer before the follow up, but it is still quite annoying to open up so many new questions and leave things there. Hell, if they follow things up like Code Geass the first few episodes of the next season still won’t show us how everything finished on the Module.

Valvrave the Liberator poison gas

Now I must admit that I both loved and hated this episode. I think that, while the character development for Akira was necessary and as a character she has quite the place amongst the Valvrave pilot, she should have had her time on another episode than the last one. I feel like the episode was amazing, full of action, death and unexpected events, but Akira took a major part of the episode and it annoyed me a bit too much.  I really wish she could have had her own episode for that and that this episode would be devoted to the death of Haruto’s comrades and the discovery of Cain and his power. There was just so many new information this episode it nearly blew my mind, the whole universe of Valvrave completely changed already and it is nothing like it used to be just a couple episodes back.

Valvrave the Liberator cain vs l-elf

Now we already knew since a while back that Cain obviously knew something we didn’t about the Valvrave and the rune and stuff, but it wasn’t really obvious what kind of knowledge he had. It was also obvious that he was an intelligent man and that he would outwit L-elf, which he did. L-elf strategy got countered one after the other, no one foresaw the poison gas and everyone protecting the Unit 1 died for nothing. At this point even Cain’s man are scared of him as he is obviously not human at all, since he referred to Haruto as a third generation, it means that Cain is just as advances or even more advanced of a monster than Haruto. He was able to use straight up magic and reanimate the Valvrave which was supposed to be incomplete and he referred himself as a Magus.

Valvrave the Liberator cain

Even more Stuff ! The representant of both nations are Magus and most likely playing hand in hand with each other, it is pretty obvious how the Magus are the man in the shadow who decides what is and what isn’t, at this point since the Valvrave came to be it wouldn’t even be surprising to learn that Shouko’s father was a Magus too and that he was the one who instigated the creation of the Valvrave (this could also open the possibility that he isn’t dead). At this point a lot of things were revealed, but nothing is confirmed yet, we are just in a big melting pot of information that as been thrown at us from every side.

Valvrave the Liberator magus control the world

What more? the first few minutes of the episodes starts with Saki explaining the past to a little boy (which looks a whole lot like a little L-elf). She explains how the very same year as all the event we are currently experiencing, a Third Galactic empire is formed and creates the situation she is currently in 211 years later. What confuses me and makes me wonder is how the kid claims that on that day was when the Galaxy ends. Now this means that in the span of Valvrave, in less than one year time from where we are currently, the Galaxy were earth is will end. This is a lot of important things that are right out the corner, especially since they claim that the end of the Galaxy came from the very module they are currently fighting in…I wouldn’t be surprised if in the first few episode of the second season of Valvrave, the whole Galaxy was to blow up. After all she does claim that the Founder (Haruto) met the Magus (Cain) on that day… so we are definitively up to an explosive start for next season.

Valvrave the Liberator Saki and mini L-elf

Next week I’ll be posting an overall review of the first season of Valvrave as a whole, but for now this episode was already so filled that I don’t even know where to stop anymore. I’m already looking forward to the second season, while the show as many character that annoys me, the universe and Saki/L-elf are so awesome that it would be blasphemy for me to stop watching after a single season…also explosions are awesome.

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