Valvrave the Liberator episode 13: Human Fuel

Valvrave the Liberator yaoi bite

Here we go, I was waiting for the continuation of Valvrave during all of summer and it is finally here. We can go back into this amazing world that Sunrise has laid out for us and we can go back to all the awesomeness that it was. I won’t be making a first impression of this as it is more a continuation than a second season, we left off exactly where we were last time.

Valvrave the Liberator sibling

There was so much information revealed this episode it was awesome. Let’s go through them one by one, at the same time it will help as a good refresh to remember what this show is all about. First of all we learned a bit, slight bit more about the magus and the 101 association. It is still unclear what it is all about, but it seems they are a group of immortal being that can make someone into a Magus. Now, still uncertain what a Magus is, what it does and everything, but we are yet one step closer to understand how the world works.

Valvrave the Liberator Biten

Meanwhile the next important discovery we had was related to the actual Vavlrave, we have so little knowledge as to how they work it is amazing we did all of first season this blind. We already knew they worked with runes, but it was such an abstract concept that it was difficult to tell what the hell it meant concretely, now we at least know a bit more. We know they need information to operate and that the best source of information they have is human. So now the pilot can just start biting everyone and they will fuel back up their Valvrave to kick some more ass. It also seems that sexual intercourse allows for the gathering of information, since it previously stopped Haruto’s fits, but it seems that Haruto somehow like the idea of biting another guy constantly rather than having sex with a pretty idol which he has sentiment for. I feel like in his place I would have done a very different choice, but I am not here to question the sexual orientation of the characters.

Valvrave the Liberator chewing up

The one thing I am curious now, is that while Haruto did declare he would only bite L-elf, maybe his plan won’t work in the long run. Remember that the Runes are information that are unknown, so it is quite possible that feeding the same information over and over to the machine stop being effective eventually. I wouldn’t be surprised if Haruto had to bite different people to gather more kind of information to make the Valvrave operational for longer. This would be a pretty good story set-up to push the harem theme into the show without it feeling weird.

Valvrave the Liberator jail

The last bit of information we were able to gather this episode was about the A.I OS of the Valvrave. We knew for a long time that Haruto’s Valvrave was the number one and that he had a special talking girl in it, but now she talked…to another Vavlrave, which was her brother…this is rather confusing. There is obviously a whole lot more beneath it all, there is still so much information left I am excited to get back into the show and gather all the knowledge possible ! A very great start for this great anime, I’m pumped.

ZeroGhj signing off

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