Valvrave the Liberator episode 14: Renbokouji Siblings

Valvrave the Liberator sibling

Time for another episode of my favorite show this Fall by far. Valvrave as been really kind this second season, if the first season was mostly school work and festivals, this second season proves to be really focused on the action and more eventful and meaningful one too.

Valvrave the Liberator Sunrise Snake

There was of course a lot of character development too in this episode, while at first it looked like it would be an episode more about Akira, in the end I feel like I learned a lot more about Satomi instead. The brother and sister always had this contrast to them, one of them being a public persona while the other one was a complete shut-in with no social skill. It was really interesting how that gap between the two came to be and become even larger. It was pretty obvious that Akira was already a bit more anti-social than Satomi before all the mess happened, but after being caught by the national security, being shamed for it and then bullied for years while ignored by your brother…no one can really blame or question the path she has chosen for herself. Meanwhile Satomi on the other hand, while it is pretty obvious why he acted the way he did, he still certainly didn’t take the most humane path. I believe the most disturbing thing that can really happen, when you ignore someone and let them fall into the abyss, is to have them still in your life years afterward. If you let someone to despair, if you abandoned someone to die and then years later they are still close enough to the same level in life than you are… it is rather awkward. It is just like in movie when someone leave someone to die and they are still alive after, same feeling.

Valvrave the Liberator caught

Now Satomi feels guilty he never helped his sister more, after all that sister is really intelligent, she appears to be a very top hacker, she already endured a lot of pain and obstacle through life so even without help she is able to survive just fine. Of course she’ll need help to overcome the trauma of the past, but that girl is now an ace pilot for a whole nation, so she can’t be classified as a loser.

Valvrave the Liberator sad sister

I know I talked a lot about the siblings this episode, but after all they were at the very center of this episode, now I’ll try to go a bit more into the actual story progression. We have our team of Valvrave pilot and other skilled individual go to a recon mission to see what they can do to get the people of JIOR back. At the same time if they get their hands on the scientist behind the project of the Valvrave they can manage to learn a bit more about it and maybe find some cure or option on how to use it. Now instead of getting anything good of their expedition they end up flat in the middle of enemy territory…with all their best man and all their weapon. I believe they are in the worst possible scenario, if they lose here, they will have lost all hope of victory. We will see next week how things turns out for them, but I don’t think there will be much more pleasant days in the future for them, they have entered hell.

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