Valvrave the Liberator episode 15: Marie

Valvrave the Liberator Lady Marianne

Marie reminds me so much of Anya from Code Geass. Both have no memories of their past, have powers they are unaware of, they look similar, act somewhat familiar and Marie’s name is close enough to Lady Marianne. For now it just seems that she is a carbon copy of a previous character design and while she is interesting, it makes things a bit weird. I have the feeling to see Anya all over again and character reuse really shouldn’t be happening in another show of Sunrise that lies in the same genre. I really hope that there is so really huge difference between the two character that materialize soon because otherwise I’d feel a bit cheated with the character of Marie.

Valvrave the Liberator friendly talk

Copy-Pasting aside, I think that Marie really is an interesting character that brings a lot to the show, we don’t know anything about her yet, nor does she really, but we now know that she is somehow involved in the Valvrave OS and that she is immortal. There just seem to be so many mystery in Vavlrave it is killing me. Every new episode there is more things left unanswered and more things to discover. I’m calling it right here and now, this season of Valvrave the Liberator certainly isn’t the last one for the show, it is just too short for it to be over already and there is way too much to the universe still to explore.

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For one thing, we got another flash-forward glimpse this episode, I am rather unsure what it was all about, but it definitively shows a lot of the current character with their current ages, so I think it is pretty safe to say that Satomi will become cursed too. I don’t believe that there is another way for him to be still alive at the time of the conversation than becoming an immortal vampire too. So there is that much that we already now. It really appears that most people at their school is involved in some ways in the whole Valvrave program, I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually everyone in their school became immortal and cursed like the current pilots.

For all we know, some students might have become the OS just like Pino. From the look of things Pino might have originally been a JIOR student turned into the Valvrave OS. From the look of things Pino once was a human but then she started “ingesting” runes and then she was stuck in a computer. I don’t think I’d really hate to be in a computer, it is a rather interesting concept, but I feel like there is a lot more to it than that. I’m kind of curious how the whole thing will turn out.

Meanwhile, our friends are still discovering about themselves and they are still stuck in enemy territory. I’m kind of curious as to L-elf reaction when he will realize that the enemy now has access to Valvrave-level warcraft. It is certain that their odds to win has definitively dwindle with the advent of those new mecha. I’m curious as to their power output. I guess we will figure it out next episode.

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