Valvrave the Liberator episode 16: Lost Memories

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Answers, Answers everywhere. It seems that there were just so many things revealed this episode, I am in ecstasy. We finally found a lot more about runes and how they are used, we now know a lot more about Marie (and so does she) and we even had another character die !

memory marie

Before I get into all of this I just have to talk about the amazing OST of Valvrave. I mean it is nothing I didn’t expect from a serious show like this from Sunrise, but I am still baffled by how great that OST is. The song that starts at 16:44 reminds me of Continued Story of Code Geass, but it is entirely different and more dynamic instead. The song plays throughout Marie entire struggle to keep her friend’s alive despite her losing all her memories from it and I must say I have listened to that song over and over again after watching the episode. I can’t wait for the OST to come out and for me to finally find out what that song is called and where I can get it !

Music aside, this episode was just great fun. We got to learn about Marie’s past just before she became an empty shell, and at the same we learned more about Pino and the Valvrave fuel mechanism of runes. Marie was the very first test pilot but as she was told, she was sent off duty because she wasn’t able to work properly with the machine and instead of sending memories into the machine for her to consume rune, she was losing her own memories by the same process. As far as we know, Haruto or the others haven’t experienced any memory loss when the Valvrave used their rune to be powered and nor does L-elf shows any sign of missing his past. It seems that either the process of memory loss is very slow, or Marie was the only person who didn’t work well with the machine and suffered those memory loss. I mean we do know that in the near future Saki will tell her story to a little L-elf look-alike, so obviously her memory won’t go away that fast that she can’t tell the story anymore, but does that mean that her memory will fade slower or that her memory are simply unaffected and that Marie was a special case? Really difficult to tell at this point but I have a feeling that just next episode will clear a lot of this up.

Saki x A-Drei

This episode was quite important for me because for the first time we finally see someone who was supposed to be invincible “die”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marie wasn’t actually dead but was simply an empty husk now with no way of coming back alive. I think it would fit very well with the kind of power they were given. Now the only thing that is left to understand is what is going to happen to Saki now that she is stuck in enemy territory and not even in her own body, I feel like there might be somewhat of a problem with her soon if she is not rescued, that girl is intelligent and vicious, bad things could happen.

ZeroGhj signing off

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  1. IreneSharda says:

    Umm, the song that played at 16:44 is the song “Soba ni Iru yo” by ELISA and it was the 2nd ED for last season. It’s been out for a while now. You can definitely find the mp3 easily online right now. is good place to look for music downloads.

    • Zeroghj says:

      That is what I found out a day after the release, I knew I had heard the song before. Thank you for pointing it out as I did forget to update the post.

      It seems that just having the song start at a different point than the previous ending song was enough to threw me off on that one haha.

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