Valvrave the Liberator episode 17: Rune Harvesting

Valvrave the Liberator Pino

Valvrave is getting increasingly difficult to figure out with this episode. It seems that there are a lot many more things involving runes than we first thought there were. We knew that Cain and the Chancellor were involved with the Magus and knew about the runes, but we still don’t know a thing about what is going on with them. This episode we saw the beginning of a ritual involving tons of runes and some kind of Magus convention, but I still hardly understand what it was all about exactly.

Valvrave the Liberator ritual

We know that X-Ein was supposed to be used as a body for some individual, maybe they were trying to give a new body to an old Magus, maybe they were trying to give Prue a body, maybe they were trying to create another being out of nothing. I have honestly no idea what they were trying to accomplish exactly, but it was certain that they wanted an intellectual body for a reason. X-Ein body and mind would be filled with some other entity, but what that is, I still don’t have any idea.

We do know that Cain now has a ship that harvest runes from different planet and use them for multiple purpose and rituals, but the thing I am most interested about isn’t as much what the objective is for those runes, but rather if the Dorssian royalist are aware of the purpose of such a ship. After all the royalist specifically ask the student to destroy that one ship and it just so happen that it is a crucial gear in the whole rune collection scheme of Cain. Was it purely coincidence or are the Dorssian royalist aware of this shady business too. I have a feeling that those royalist will have an important role in the show soon enough, so I really wish to know how aware of the situation they could be. What if there already was a faction in the world aware of the Magus and fighting against their power? There are just so many question left to answer.

Valvrave the Liberator rune collection

Another important thing we learned this episode was the crucial role that the pilot of the first Valvrave has. It seems that this one pilot is responsible for powering all of the other one and that he is the only one at risk. After all Pino is the only artificial intelligence in all the Valvrave and Haruto was constantly seen as the only one affected by the curse more than the others. This definitively start to foreshadow the grim future where Haruto fight for everyone but slowly loses his life by doing so and it explains why he is but a legend in the flash-forward we get from time to time. I would thing that Haruto’s death is already set to happen at this point.

Last but not least, we learned that L-elf is somehow losing runes really quickly too, we have little information as to what this could possibly mean, but it seems to mean a short life awaits him in some way. Exactly what the repercussion are of leaking runes faster than most is something I still don’t fully understand just yet. Hopefully in the future those words will start to hold more meaning than they do now.

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2 Responses to Valvrave the Liberator episode 17: Rune Harvesting

  1. smothness says:

    I think the Pino has a hard time piecing together the right words. Probably because the Haruto has been nomming on of L-elf for a while now.

    • Zeroghj says:

      Hum, so you think Pino doesn’t have Rune of as good quality because Haruto feeds on L-elf and Pino said that L-elf wasn’t as good? But you have to remember that Pino said that L-elf was the same as Marie. In the previous episode the Valvrave was overpowered because Marie was the source of Rune, so I feel like L-elf would instead be a better source of energy as he gives off much more.

      Then again, maybe I misunderstood how rune works, but I was under the impression that people who “loses” their runes faster were better short term option for energy for the Valvrave.

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