Valvrave the Liberator episode 19: Reunited…or not

Valvrave the Liberator Lieselotte

NO ! Why did Lieselotte had to die ! We finally got our hand on a Magius who could answer every question we had in mind and she died the moment she joined! Why must everyone who have the answers need to be left behind and die. Haruto’s father stayed on earth in his laboratory, Lieselotte died to let them all escape and even Saki is still not reunited with everyone else yet. Speaking of Saki let me go on a tangent about her.

Valvrave the Liberator A-drei got Saki

Saki is immortal, she finally got her body back and she is close to her Valvrave, yet she has not escaped yet because she is threatened by a gun from A-Drei. This feels a bit weird to me since she could easily just escape ignoring the bullets all the way. Of course it would hurt like hell, but it is not like she can actually die from it either way. We have not been shown exactly what happens with her just yet, but I feel like she is definitively not in a bad position, she definitively has the advantage there and I believe she should use it.  Saki is one of my favourite character in this show, so it does annoy me a bit that she is away so out of focus right now.

Valvrave the Liberator Reunited

Back to Lieselotte and Magius, While I did complain that our major source of information all died or where left this episode, we did learn a shit load about the Magius this episode. We learned they were a race of incorporeal spiritual being that came to earth long ago and survives feeding on runes and transferring bodies from human to human , we learned that they came in a spaceship and have formed a council of the most powerful human and Magius to ensure their survival and we also learn that in all of this Lieselotte was a traitor who tried to peacefully coexist with the humans. In all of this I can understand every side. If I were in the place of the Magius I would have followed a very  similar path for survival. I mean, look at humans, we kill multiple species to survive and we made sure that they are always close and available as a food source, we ensure our survival by domesticating animals and eating them. Magius are doing the exact same thing here, they are controlling humans from the shadow to make sure that they will always have runes to consume and new host to posses. The one thing that I am  curious about in their big scheme though is if the human that are part of the council of 101 have any say in the direction of things. We clearly saw previously that the emperor of Dorssia used to be human just a few episodes ago and now he has been converted recently. It makes me wonder why human in this circle accept to become host and what the deals are with that. There is just so many mysteries left in this show, I want to know more !

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