Valvrave the Liberator episode 2: Activate Super Sayan Mode

Valvrave the Liberator supersayan mode

I’m not sure if I loved or hated this episode. I was really, really surprised to see that Shouko was still alive. I think it fitted the story much better for her to die, but now she is alive, yet she feels so much out of this world for Haruto. It just feels like Haruto doesn’t even have the right to be with his school friends anymore. I love that he now belongs to a completely different world and that now he won’t ever have the opportunity to be human again. I love how he saved his country and yet manage to lose his humanity and at the same time his reason for doing so in the first place.

Valvrave the Liberator rough yaoi

Haruto decided to forgo his humanity to avenge the girl he loved, but now that he saved her, she is still alive. It seems like every possible scenario for him would have been terrible and now he has to live with that. If he didn’t do anything he would have been killed someone by the military, or most likely that Shouko would have never managed to leave the car in time before she ran out of air. This means that he is indeed somewhat of the reason why Shouko now lives.

Valvrave the Liberator bad situation

I also didn’t expect his power to work that way. I had already anticipated that he couldn’t be killed and that he would regenerate his wounds very quickly, what I did not expect his the whole changing body business, especially the way he does it. It seems that he takes over the person completely, like a mind controlling parasite. From there he can wait for his body to regenerate and come back to it later. His powers are phenomenal. Now the question I have on my mind is…why the hell did this country had such advanced technology? Why would a neutral country not involved in the war do with such a powerful mecha?

Valvrave the Liberator poor engineers

Now their country also happens to be stuck with a pilot that doesn’t even have a certificate yet. He is young, psychologically in trouble and he saved the country, that is pretty sad. At least the guy will now be able to have all the ladies if he so wishes, even if he considers himself a monster. Dracula was also a monster and he was pretty successful with the ladies.

Valvrave the Liberator space battle

On a completely different topic, I laughed when L-elf said that “those numbers are not put their randomly” in reference to the heat level of the Valvrave. The first gauge went up to 100 and the second to 666. If you ask me, those are some quite human-chosen numbers. I’m pretty sure they either created a scale just to make that work or they had fake numbers for shit and giggles…silly mecha scientist.

Valvrave the Liberator 666

I’m still not sure if I like that Shouko survived, I think I still would have much rather have her die, but at the same time the fact that she lives makes it that a whole new kind of psychological drama will enter the mind of the protagonist. We’ll just have to go with this one and see just how fucked up Haruto will become after such a traumatic event.

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2 Responses to Valvrave the Liberator episode 2: Activate Super Sayan Mode

  1. FiveOVER says:

    Let me give you a list of reasons why her seeming death is well written:.

    – It gives the mc a reason to fight. Unless you want reasons like “those are the bad guys”, “I want to be a hero”, “I have to save my friends”, “I’m just following orders”, “my body got controlled by some mystical power” which I have no qualms with at all, but you haters just have to call them cheapskate and dismiss them as silly. Sothe motive as revenge is definitely a hit.

    – Second, it gives the discontinuity when the students cheer for haruto’s victory, while haruto laments her death. This nails down the idea that no one but haruto can understand his grief. Remember, robbing tears from the audience is clearly not the author’s motive. His motive is to show us the isolation of those different/ gifted compared to others.

    – Third, her death was entirely the reason why haruto underwent such a drasic change in just the span of two episods. He was a pacifist, he experienced the reality of war, agreed with l-elf and admitted his mistake. He then understands the gravity of the situation in war. He knows its killed or be killed and didn’t hesitate to kill the soldiers. He even learned how precious shoko is to him and adamant to go back to her even in tha hopeless situation.

    – Fourth, her death brought the chance for saki to act and established a prelude to a love triangle. If she weren’t “dead” , saki probably will never have the chance to act on her feelings.

    – fifth, it gives us a chance to see our mc in dilemma while he deal with his identity crisis and his feelings for shoko. Only when he realized that shoko is alive that the impact of losing his humanity hit him. This give arise to more character developement and again the author tells you this is not your typical happy story.

    – sixth, this is my favourite point. This is when the story truly establishes that its a dark story through and through. The viewers realize that haruto just lost his humanity for nothing. Shoko was alive all along and he is being thrown into this unreasonable situation just because he acted rashly in he heat of the situation.

    • Zeroghj says:

      I agree with your 5th and 6th points. I had no problem with Shouko dying in the first episode, what I had problem with his her coming back. The first 4 points would still be valid even if she never came back to life and I absolutely agree that her death therefore gave a lot of meaning for the main character, it is what sparked this show to be more than a “kill the bad guy and become a hero”-show.

      The reason I’m uncertain that I wanted her to live is that your 6th point are exactly what I love about this show, the drama and darkness in the heart of the main character. I love that part, but I feel like having Shouko come back to life lessen the pain in Haruto’s heart. Now he has to live his life without being able to be with her never again because he lost his humanity, but at the same time, most people in love would much rather die than see their love ones taken away. It is one thing to realize you have sacrificed your humanity for nothing, but at least the girl he loves is alive and he will now be able to protect her forever and ever. Meanwhile her death could have created a main character with a thirst for revenge and justice for the pain he has suffered, rather than a character who would just be having an identity crisis.

      I feel like Haruto could still have had his identity crisis and regrets for becoming a monster even if Shouko had died for real.

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