Valvrave the Liberator episode 21: Double Betrayal

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This episode was a little bit disappointing, but at the same time it was about everything I thought it would be. The first half of the episode made the whole scheme against the Jiorian much better, last episode we saw the coup that the president was pulling off, but I was not expecting for the journalist to help them spread even bigger lies that would help the cause. The Magius definitively pulled something quite interesting and dangerous here, they managed to get rid of the people who had stole important knowledge, but they also manage to unite the world together. This might sound like a great achievement that would bring peace to the world, but in reality they would just use the union of  the world as a new way to gain even more power over they food sources. I am kind of in-between right now about this new union, in one part it is a corrupt union that makes sure the power remains in the hand of aliens, but at the same time it is a union that could definitively make every human on earth much happier than they could ever be otherwise. It is difficult to judge who is the good or bad guy in that situation.

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Another thing that bugs me a bit right now is how every surviving student escaped using the Mass Driver, but I barely understood where they were actually hoping to escape. I mean, the whole of humanity is now trying to hunt them and kill them, they have no solution for survival right now. I have trouble understand what’s the match plan after they escape. Of course, anime-wise, they have L-elf with them so some miracle will happen, but otherwise I really don’t see how their situation is any better on the moon or in outer space.

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This episode managed to surprised me a lot though with the level of massacre we got to witness. I was really not expecting for nearly every student to die like this, I was expecting for the Valvrave pilot to be captured / lost in space, but I was not expecting for the rest of the students to be caught in all this. It was rather interesting to see the students betrayed and then to see them betray the pilots. Poor Valvrave pilots, they gave up their humanity to end up double-betrayed by the people they were trying to protect. Now, some people might be bugged that they never even try to tell the truth, but you have to understand something, once you are so deep in life and secret, telling the truth isn’t an option anymore. Haruto and the others would be unable to explain everything to the others without looking like monsters. It takes time to explain everything to someone, and when they are scared of your power already and once they already feel betrayed, it is rather difficult to be convincing about conveying the truth. If anything they could have just made even more problem for themselves by admitting to being monsters, so I believe that remaining silent was the wise choice there. But what will they do next is something I’m quite curious to find it, Haruto and L-elf are together, so technically anything could happen really.

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