Valvrave the Liberator episode 22: Unveil the world

Valvrave the Liberator saved

Well, this episode might have been a lot of internal monologue between the characters, but it was really great to have something a bit different from the usual mecha action scenes we see every single episode. It was a nice chance to see tears, the cruelty of death, seeing Shoko cry as she realizes the mistake she made, as she realizes that she had lost faith in the one person she loved most.

Valvrave the Liberator sadness

To be honest I was not expecting for Shoko to understand everything, or at least so much, so quickly. That girl is way too intelligent and composed for her own good. She made the right decisions every step of the ways, but sometimes you only get farther in life by making mistakes and learning from them. At least now she might prove a little less harsh if Haruto decides to come back. She already understood the importance of the Valvrave in their situation, now she might begin to understand that having super-vampire on their side isn’t such a bad thing overall.  While I don’t question what her choice will be in the future, I’m kind of concerned as to how she plans to let everyone else accept them among them. At this point it seems that only Haruto will be able to solve all the problems if he finally does plan on telling the truth to everyone.

Valvrave the Liberator old friend

Speaking of this sudden decision, while I did see it coming I was expecting for things to go much faster than they currently do. I still haven’t heard anywhere of a 3rd season announced and we only have 2 episodes left. In the previous episodes I predicted that the show would now start going into super fast mode to conclude everything now that the truth was about to be revealed, but it turns out that this episode was rather slow in term of action instead. This means two things, either we have a third season (and probably fourth) to conclude Valvrave or everything will get crazy rushed in the next 2 episodes and we’ll get a “meh” ending. I believe that the first option is the more probable choice here, the show never did stuff too fast up to here, so I don’t expect it to suddenly rush things up that fast. There are still a lot to explore in the universe, so I wouldn’t take away the possibility that Valvrave will have as many season as Code Geass had.

If there is to be another season further down the road, I don’t think it will be here as fast as it was this time around. We might have to wait a whole year, or two, before it comes to air. The wait will be painful, but as long as they don’t end everything this season on a huge cliffhanger (which wouldn’t be surprising for Sunrise) it should be manageable. I guess we will see about this soon enough, only 2 more weeks and we’ll have reached the end.

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