Valvrave the Liberator episode 23: JFK was meant to come back to life too

Valvrave the Liberator the emperor is dead

I don’t like where things are going after seeing this episode. At this point it is definitively certain that there won’t be another season of Valvrave coming up, episode 24 is definitively the last episode. At best we’ll get an OVA or a movie to give the show a more well-rounded conclusion, but for now from what I’m seeing there is not enough plot point left open for another 12 episodes for this show. I feel like this ending will have been rather rushed, at this point the truth as been revealed to the world and, like it was to be expected as soon as the Magius revealed part of the truth, now everyone is aware of how infiltrated the Magius are in our society.

Valvrave the Liberator kids on the block

I’m really scared that the last episode of Valvrave will come by too quickly, that it will leave the viewers unsatisfied and that overall there will just be too many to do to conclude the story and not enough time. It is not enough to have society collapse here, not enough to have the truth revealed, I don’t want for Kakumeiki Valvrave to be over as soon as the news spreads to the rest of the world, I want to see how the world changes from there too.

Valvrave the Liberator L-elf is coming to town

I feel like unless there is a movie or an OVA or another season of a different series to continue where the story left off this show will just make me frustrated in the end rather than entertained and satisfied. I know that Sunrise have never been great at having explicit endings for theirs shows and I usually don’t mind it one bit, but I feel that in the case of Valvrave the ending just came about too abruptly and that the show never had the time to have the level of suspense and intense conflicts it needed to really bring about a satisfying finale. I really hope that all my current fears will vanishes after next episode, but I must admit I am really scared that this show I love so much will turn to shit because of the way it ends.

Valvrave the Liberator Yamada down


In other news, this episode was really intense, Yamada got destroyed and it makes me think that the shield was a cursed item all along. Now, one thing I don’t really get though is how everyone is so sad when someone sacrifice themselves like this when they are fully conscious that they are immortal being. In the worst case they can finish up their battle and get their body back in space afterwards and it will be the end of it. I have trouble understanding the gravity of such sacrifice, if anything only the loss of the actual machine should be seen as a big loss.

Meanwhile, it was really nice to see L-elf reunited with his friends, he had such a nice facial expression when he was reminded that he had no need to say every little instruction to them as they went along and that he could count of them to properly accomplish any given tasks. The time for liberation as come.

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