Valvrave the Liberator episode 24 [Final]: How to ruin a great show

Valvrave the Liberator no2

Well, I’m annoyed. I’ve been looking up at Valvrave as one of those great shows that keeps on giving, but it turned out that it was all for nothing in the end. Why the hell did anyone think that what we just witnessed was an acceptable ending? There are still more plot left open than there are holes in a swiss cheese and the entirety of this final episode was a complete disappointment as it was as cheesy as it gets. Valvrave was one of my most highly anticipated show for this Fall season and it concludes in such atrocious circumstances that I’m ashamed I ever recommended the show to others.

Valvrave the Liberator H-neun

Why did the entire episode had to be all about guys making out and having “feelings” that never seemed to reach me in the least? Haruto’s death was so lame and so was everyone elses, I feel like I’ve been robbed all those characters from me, I don’t even care if Haruto died or Q-vier or the entire universe, I wanted an episode filled with knowledge and wit and all we got was some empty half-assed ending. People rebelled, the Magius were chased after like in a witch hunt, history was just repeating itself and there was really nothing good that ever came out from anything in the story.

Valvrave the Liberator final blow

I grew attached to some characters, so how did they managed to fuck up the ending so bad that I would be glad that Haruto died and wouldn’t feel a hint of pain at seeing Shoko cry her heart out? This is just so unfair, I deserve to at least feel the sadness of the character and be one with their emotion, at the end I felt like a complete outsider who simply looked at others crying without understanding why.

Valvrave the Liberator green stuff

I really wanted for this episode not to be the end, they really needed more time to explain the story and have a more fun and interesting ending, instead we just have an entire world that seems still unexplored. The first season of Valvrave was really slow, so I was expecting things to follow a similar schedule and lead us into a 4 season show, it was terrible to see everything that was building vanish before we ever got anywhere. The relationship between the two Valvrave core was never actually explained, nor was the actual Magius organization explored or the loyalist organization…so much plot point going into the void…It is crazy this show managed to piss me off so much.

I was watching every day hoping to learn more about the universe, waiting to finally understand what was going on and slowly be able to see some result in L-elf and Haruto’s quest. This final episode felt more like a yaoi fan-fiction than an ending to a (previously awesome) show. I hope this show rots to hell for trolling me for half a year just to give me this worthless ending which gives no finality, no emotion and no moral.

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2 Responses to Valvrave the Liberator episode 24 [Final]: How to ruin a great show

  1. Why not make at least one more episode. They could have ended in the part Haruto start to lose memories faster and explain things better in the next.

    In the not explained thing matter, even this empire they give no info if is module 77 or ex-Dorssia and the most annoying thing, they do not tell who are the parents of that child they are telling the anime story ¬¬

    • Zeroghj says:

      I feel like they just have to release another season, an OVA or a movie to conclude this story or the entirety of Valvrave doesn’t make any sense what so ever. I completely agree with you that all those plot points have been left opened and there are even more out there that have been left unanswered. I have no idea what went through their mind when they decided on the ending for this show.

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