Valvrave the Liberator episode 3: L-Elf, the One man Army

Valvrave the Liberator jail break

Alright I’m able to completely forgive and forget the fact that I expected Shouko to die; this episode was so awesome and that girl had so little involvement in it that I think that plot point might have been solely for the purpose of creating a love triangle more than anything else. I have some trouble accepting the fact that Haruto is still hanging out with his friends and that he’s a hero. I think this is something I’ve rarely seen in a Sunrise production. Usually their main protagonist is a masked hero that hides in the shadows and makes sure that his identity is never revealed. Yet, in Valvrave, Haruto is clearly a super star; he has over 700 millions friend online and a simple comment from him made the whole internet crumble under a ton of comments. He is a completely awkward hero and yet just the previous episode, and later again this episode, Haruto was shown to be clearly something different. He is more akin to a vampire than a human and he might even be quite dangerous for the people around him.

Valvrave the Liberator vampire power

Meanwhile everyone at school seems to be way too stupid to realize that the ARUS is taking them into their alliance by diplomacy. The Senator went there with his friendly face on and his objective was obviously to gain the support of JIOR. If JIOR really is such a grand neutral nation the ARUS could turn the tide of this war by having such a large nation join their ranks. Now it seems that JIOR, instead of staying a peaceful neutral nation, will become the center of the fighting between the two nations and the reason for an all out war between the two. Their previous neutrality will  become their doom.

Valvrave the Liberator world division

Now to the very center of this episode and the reason why I was so captivated by it…L-elf. I knew the guy was some kind of super secret agent, but what I saw this episode was thousands of time more than what I expected from him. The guy escaped imprisonment, destroyed a whole battleship and thousands of men, predicted the future and the precise time when he would meet Haruto again and he did all of that without even breaking a sweat. Suddenly my respect for the guy has increased ten-fold and we have yet to see most of the guy since now it seems that he is willing to form an alliance with Haruto to change Dorssia. I cannot predict or understand what is on this guy mind, but seeing how he acts he is not just a great shooter; the guy is a genius in politics too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he already had a plan completely laid out to change the tide of the war and recreate the world. I’m so excited for next episode I cannot wait to see what this show has to offer next, the next episode cannot arrive quickly enough!

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3 Responses to Valvrave the Liberator episode 3: L-Elf, the One man Army

  1. Irenesharda says:

    Actually, from what is said in the episode. JIOR is ALREADY an ally of the ARUS (which begs the question of why they call themselves neutral?), and even if they weren’t Dorssia has proved that it doesn’t take much to take the over. JIOR signed their country away without a fight to a small Dorssian fleet! I don’t think these two superpowers are going to fight very hard for JIOR to side with them, especially now.

    • Zeroghj says:

      I was under the impression that while JIOR is an ally of ARUS, they are not actually part of JIOR, simply an ally. I wouldn’t be surprised if JIOR considered themselves allied to both ARUS and Dorssia, but now that Dorssia has decided to take them over, they will have to choose a side quickly, as they won’t be able to remain friend with everyone otherwise.

      I do agree strongly with your point that JIOR is ridiculously weak. They didn’t fight for more than a minute against the Dorssian fleet and they surrendered immediately. I would be quite ashamed of living in that country.

      • Irenesharda says:

        JIOR is an official ally of the ARUS, which means that if JIOR is attacked, ARUS has an obligation to help them out. However, that works both ways, if ARUS is at war, they should be able to count on JIOR as their ally to help them if needed. Once you’re allied to one side in a war like this, you are no longer neutral. You are now allied with that side towards a common goal. You can’t just ally yourself to the other side as well, without breaking your first alliance and thus making you their enemy.

        It would be different if JIOR simply had dealings with both sides like the US did in the beginning of WW2, but as they’re already actual allies, then they have already chosen a side. Besides, Dorssia wouldn’t attack JIOR if the two were already allies. They would have no reason. It would be like if Germany had tried to attack Japan. The two are already working together, why break the alliance that you worked to gain?

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