Valvrave the Liberator episode 5: I HATE MUSICALS!

Valvrave the Liberator intro musical

Since when was Valvrave a musical? I am so confused, I don’t like this at all. I fully understand that it is completely needed for a show like this to have down time in action to develop the characters and the universe, but this episode was way beyond relaxed compared to what I was used to. The episode was full of ecchi, slice of life and pitiful high school drama. I was fine and able to handle all of those, but I cannot stand musicals; I never liked them and I hate it in Valvrave too. If I could just forget about that damn musical I would be able to judge this episode much more reasonably. It might have been only a minute and a half but that song spurred the hatred from my heart and made me look in disbelief at the show. I never want to see something like this again in my mecha; it is one thing to see that everyone is happy, it is another one to get a full musical that shows everyone singing and dancing across the module.

Valvrave the Liberator musical 1

Now let me forget about this musical for a while and talk about the episode itself. It was one big fanservice mess mostly, but we got to learn a lot more about the characters. After all, what we knew about the characters was extremely limited up to now and it was interesting to see that Shouko was a really energetic and optimistic girl, but that she had her weak moments, too. This episode we got to see a glimpse of just about every secondary character and the ones that appeared to be the most interesting for me were Takahi (the blond-haired vice president) and Saki. It was already made clear in the past that Saki would become a rival of Shouko as a main love interest, but up until now it was difficult to see how it would happen. By the end of this episode I still can’t say I actually like Saki, but I can perfectly understand how she can become someone really important for Haruto. She was the one present with him every time a difficult situation arose involving the Valvrave, and she is the one who knows every little secret he is trying to keep. When someone knows so much about you it is difficult to do otherwise but to start developing a more personal and intimate relationship with them.

Valvrave the Liberator kiss saki x haruto

I’m still not sure if I’d rather have Haruto go for Saki or Shouko, but currently Saki is winning for me, since she seems to be the more confident and interesting girl out of the two. Shouko seems way too impulsive and crazy for me; I’d rather have the messed up and sadistic girl instead. Now it will be interesting to see what next episode will bring in terms of development. This episode allowed us to learn more about both the ARUS and Dorssian side of things, yet it is still difficult yet for me to fully understand the political system of Dorssia. It is pretty obvious that they run a militaristic nation, very nationalistic and therefore I assume the nation to be fascist, but the actual leader and the way he is admired is something that is still not very clear to me.  We will have to learn more about the Dorssian side of things for me to have  a good and clear idea as to how this nation works.

Valvrave the Liberator Dorssia

This episode might have seemed like a huge waste of time for some people, but it was a necessary waste of time. Kakumeiki Valvrave will have a second season and it should be expected for the show to air for a long time, therefore it is important to have calmer episode were characters can be developed. I’m pretty sure that just next episode we’ll be able to jump back into the action that we all crave and love.

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