Valvrave the Liberator episode 6: The Vampiric Idol Bitch

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Saki definitively wasn’t the person I thought she was. I knew that she had this confidence in her and that she really did seem quite different from the rest of the student crowd, but I never expected her to be such a bitch and a crazy girl. I mean, we did learn about her crazy past and how she hates the whole world and sees everyone as her enemy, but her personality is still beyond crazy. I suddenly have a lot harder time liking Saki; what I mistook for confidence in earlier episodes was simply selfish pride and crazy showing, not actual sane self-esteem. She was obviously really awesome this episode, but she also has such a weird goal to become famous only to live; it feels so unnatural and weird for her to come out as this kind of character and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I understand that she is trying to leave a mark on the world in order to never die, since she is certain that the world is determined to kill her off. It is also quite understandable why she would therefore want to be immortal by using the Valvrave; it guarantees her survival.

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Having said that I feel a little weird after this episode of Valvrave; it just seems like Saki’s personality came out of nowhere, and it confused me a lot to see a completely different character appear in front of my eyes. It is not like we knew much about Saki yet either, but we still saw her a couple of times and she looked like a level-headed girl who was interested in Haruto. Now it turns out that she is a crazy attention whore who wishes to become super popular using the people around her.

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Enough of Saki and let’s talk a bit about the rest of the episode. I can’t say that I was really surprised to see Dorssia come up with a strategy to conquer JIOR without letting the Valvrave fall into ARUS’s hands. Their vastly larger and superior military force was sure to be able to somehow crush a school of students. It doesn’t matter if they have better fighters, there used to be only one Valvrave and even if there is two, there is no chance for them to win against the full might of the Dorssian army; in the end the Dorssians can simply overwhelm them or blow them up with nuclear arsenal. It seems like there really is no way for the students to survive in the long term; I’m actually surprised that they think they stand a chance. They might be celebrating their victories against the Dorssian assault, but it was simply a tactical retreat on their part and you can be sure that they will come again to destroy them in the near future and that time they will be prepared for the additional Valvrave. I wouldn’t even be surprised if yet another pilot joined the fray on the side of the students by then; after all it is quite suspicious that suddenly a second mecha arrives out of nowhere, people will ask questions and I expect that there will be trouble in the near future because of it. Although I do trust Saki to keep the secret (after all her fame depends on it): she won’t reveal anything that would make her any less special.

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