Valvrave the Liberator episode 18: Mad Scientist

Valvrave the Liberator mad scientist

Yes ! Finally answers, lot of answers we had for ages, all answered in a single episode. I had already guessed since he was first named that Haruto’s father was the leader of the project and that he was responsible for genetically modifying the children at the school. This being said, I never expected that he would be such a sociopath. The guy might be a super genius when it comes to genetic but he is such a stupid asshole when it comes to human contact. He may have created a new species but that new species of homo sapiens is not a machine either. If anything Haruto’s father alienated himself to make sure that Haruto would continue is ideal of destroying the Valvraves.

Valvrave the Liberator family meeting

At this point I’m still unsure if I love Haruto’s father or if I hate him. On one hand I loved his intelligence and passion, but on the other his complete lack of judgement and is god-sentiments where a bit exaggerated even for a mad scientist. You cannot possibly create such a wonderful human being alone, you need a team to help you out. With the way the guy acts it just seems that he would alienate everyone, being passionate in your work is a good thing, but no one accomplished anything alone, you need other passionate people with you to achieve such great results. I would have trouble imagining Haruto’s father getting a team of people with him, let alone getting investor to follow his crazy projects.

Enough of that crazy madmen and back to the rest of the show. We finally got to know a bit more about the Princess standing in the show and her role in everything, but I still have yet to grasp everything she is involved in and what her story and L-elf’s are all about. All I know is that she is probably made really tough, because L-elf is willing to let chopper shoot missile straight into her room and he doesn’t seem worried one bit that the girl will get hurt by it. I mean, if I were in his position I would worry a lot more about her getting exploded than me having to dodge bullet. It is one thing to have super abilities and being a super human like L-elf, it is another to use those abilities around someone who is normal. You need to be so much stronger if you want to be strong enough to protect those around you and not just yourself.

Valvrave the Liberator reunited

All in all, this episode was a huge reveal about so many questions we’ve been asking ourselves since the beginning of the show. We now know that all student were genetically engineered, we know that the Valvrave were used with the technology of the runes and we also have hints as to who leaked that information. It just remains unclear if the Princess is a Magus too or if she is simply well in the known. I figure we’ll learn more about her case in a future episode where things have calmed down a bit. And hopefully Saki will be able to regroup with the rest too.

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