Valvrave the Liberator episode 7: Bite me

Valvrave the Liberator haruto bite l-elf

Well this episode was a bit on the slow side. I must admit that for about half of the episode I was half sleeping since L-elf didn’t seem like such a threat anymore because of his intentions and therefore I don’t fear him doing anything that could endanger the safety of the school or the students in it. So until the Dorssian army showed up (once again), it felt like the episode was going nowhere really.

Valvrave the Liberator super food of deliciousness

If anything the very beginning of the episode was interesting; it gave both a major spoiler and important information about the future. Now we already know that Saki won’t die no matter what, nor will her Valvrave be completely destroyed (not until 200 years from now anyway.) It was already quite obvious that Saki wouldn’t die since she is immortal, but she could have been controlled or destroyed and lost in space. Now it seems that none of that will happen because it is already confirmed that she will be there 200 years from now and that she will still be kicking ass. The reason for this flash-forward seemed a little bit odd to me, I have no idea what purpose it gave and what was the purpose, if only to show us that even in 200 years the third Reich still won’t be over.

Valvrave the Liberator saki 200 years later

Meanwhile this episode we were introduced to Aina, a cute little girl who…oh wait, it doesn’t matter, she’s dead. I understand the importance that her death will have in the future in term of psychological conflict for the main characters, but it seemed a bit silly to have her character introduced literally a few minutes before she dies. I mean we did need to know she was kind of important before she died, but I feel like it could have been done much better. There was ample time last few episodes to introduce a character and this way her death could have been made a bit more sad and dramatic. I for one was not really surprised or shocked to see her dead; if anything I’m curious what the effect of her death will be.

Valvrave the Liberator Aina after death

Now to the most important part of the episode: L-elf is totally into Haruto. L-elf already mentioned that he wants Haruto to become his “hand” and he asked him to bite him so he could be all inside of him. If anything I think that those are good signs of a great yaoi relationship that is going to develop between the two. Haruto might have the choice between an idol and the daughter of the president, but in the end we all know he will choose the rebellious pretty military man. L-elf does have his charming side and we all know he has quite the interest in Haruto already; he dropped everything he ever had to be with him after all. Now we only have to wait for Haruto to realize the great man that L-elf is and they will hopefully one day forget about their difference and enjoy a life of guy love together in the cosmos.

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