Valvrave the Liberator episode 9: Friend joins the party

Valvrave the Liberator thunder

Many things happened this episode, some stuff that were predictable, others were quite unexpected. I can’t say I’m surprised in the least that both Thunder and Kyuuma got their own Valvrave, to be honest I already guessed even the colour of their Valvrave before the episode even started. I’m a bit surprised that both of them got their Valvrave this episode, I was expecting only one of them to get it, but it seems that the show will progress a bit faster than I expected. While at first I was a bit uncertain of the show has there were many slice of life and go happy episode, the more things are going to more I think I’m starting to like it a lot. Then again it might only be because L-elf has become an integral part of the episodes and I love character with his characteristics.

Valvrave the Liberator not how zero g works

Another thing that I found absolutely predictable was that L-elf would scheme against Haruto to have things go his own way, after all Haruto has no say or power over that. Now if we go into the stuff that I’m most surprised to learn, the fact that the whole facility was a military project and that the school and the students were all part of the experiment and at the center of it all since the beginning, this makes me love the show a lot more. I find it extremely stupid to have random kid live off the life on a single island in space with top technology right under their school by convenience, to know that it was planned all along for the kids to become pilot gave me a lot more faith and hope in the show. This also explains a great many things, now we already know that L-elf won’t ever have his own Valvrave, since he was not biologically set-up to become one, the Valvrave were meant to be used only by the student of the school and this is why everyone else who tries to use one will be killed. Furthermore it means that the student were most likely chosen to be pilot because they had the aptitude, either that or they were taught how to use the Valvrave even though they were never conscious of it. This mean that all along JIOR had some really great plan and something was going to happen, we have no idea where this technology comes from, but it is clear that JIOR was not planning on staying a bystander forever, from the look of things, they were actually on the verge of creating an invincible army of teenagers.

Valvrave the Liberator time to train

There are only a handful of episode left to the season, which is a bit saddening, but at least now we might be able to learn some much deeper secret, after all, the show has many more unexplained things than explained ones.  One positive thing now is that I like L-elf and Kyuuma much more as character than Haruto and Saki, Haruto is a bit too neutral and boring to my taste and Saki is a bit too stupid for what I like, I wish she was a few hundred years older already so she could have gained some wisdom. I can already sense that the girl will become fantastically awesome when she’ll be older, but right now she’s a useless cunt unfortunately.

Valvrave the Liberator space talk

Either way, great episode, information came out and I love information, so I’m looking forward to the last 4 episodes, very much so.

ZeroGhj signing off

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