Vividred Operation episode 2: Naked Power Activate !

super mahou shoujo

I don’t even know what to think of this show. I’m not sure if I love it or if I hate it, one thing is for sure, I cannot take it seriously at all. A show about magical girl, a show super childish about friendship? Having to stare at lolly crotch shot all day? I’m not sure I can do it…and yet. The show is really entertaining, if it were not for the whole friendship power and the constant lolly-shots, I would definitively love the show.

magical girl aoi

It’s been two episode and I still can’t decide if I keep covering this show or if I should drop it, I cannot see any real future how this show could become less cheesy and childish and yet I just don’t want to stop watching it because of how ridicule it is. I have a feeling that this show is so bad that it is good. Just look at this episode, the two little girls were fighting a giant robot and saved all those army men (only to have them die a short moment later). The lolly magical power is so fantastic in Vividred operation !

naked hammer

I was laughing my ass off when after defeating the Alone the fusion of Aoi and Akane shot fire from their boobs, I felt like I was watching some weird fantasy of Lady Gaga. Some goes for when the whole super fusion thinking failed because Aoi disliked Tomatoes. The show has such great humour, such hilarious setting, such a bad idea is making such a great show.

aim the penis

I will be giving this show a bit more time, I’ll try to see just how far I can make it before the constant friendship power theme brings me to madness. At least I’ll know the reason if I suddenly turn into a complete pedophile in the next few months.

uri kiss

Vividred operation is something absolutely new and original of a completely overdone theme, it satisfy my curiosity and it entertain me oh so very much. I really don’t care for the story, nor the characters, but the whole idea is simply to ridiculous for me to resist watching more of it. Maybe I’ve simply gone insane after watching so many crappy anime, but I want to give this one a fair shot to entertain me before I get bored of how crappy the show really is.


I might not blog this until the end, but I’ll try to give it a shot for as long as I can, after all when every single abilities of little girl have naked in them, I just cannot restrain myself from watching a bit longer to see just how naked people in the show will be.

ZeroGhj signing off

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