Walkure Romanze episode 1 [First Impression]: Jousting and Perverted Horse

Walkure Romanze lady knight in shining armor

Walkure Romanze is a really interesting male romance that has everything a guy could want in his romance, Jousting tournaments, Knights, panties & perverted horse and of course a harem scenario with lots of really pretty girls. The show is in medieval time and it seems that the very foundation and theme of the show is based around Jousting, which in itself makes the show very interesting. This is the kind of topic that isn’t explored often enough and it is refreshing to have this kind of setting, or so I believe.

Walkure Romanze perverted horse

I am not a romance fan, even though this show is obviously aimed at guys more than girls. Now even though the romance and harem feeling of the show didn’t appeal to me, the whole jousting idea was pretty interesting. I already know a lot of people who could fan in love with this kind of show. It has some light ecchi, beautiful girls in an awesome environment and the setting is light and friendly enough. This is the perfect guy romance for most. The girls are each more beautiful the one from the other and the role of main character seems to be a bit split between girls and boys, which makes things more interesting for everyone has they get more point of view. I personally think that the main character is a complete pussy and that he is really uninteresting BUT he is different than the generic main character that we see in every romance, so I guess there is a plus side to it. Or at least I would hope that he is indeed different as he could still turn into this super dense character any minute if things decides to go that way.

Walkure Romanze rider

I won’t be blogging or watching this show, but it is not because this show looks bad in any way. I will recommend this show to the male harem/romance lovers I know because this seems like a really good and enjoyable show. It won’t be a super hit with a massive audience, but it will certainly please the niche audience it was aimed at, and that audience isn’t that niche either. I think Walkure Romanze has a bring future in front of it, it sounds fresh-ish in an overly generic world.

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