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Akko is a girl who was introduced to the Witch world when she saw Shiny Girl Chariot as a kid, who is known in the Witch world as a fraud and a ridicule witch. Because of this, Akko gets bullied at the witch school where she got accepted.little witch child akko

During one exercise where all the students must fight monsters in a labyrinth, one girl ends up releasing a powerful dragon which feeds off magic, and after running for a bit Akko defeats it with the rod of Shiny Chariot, which she found down in the labyrinth.


Man, I kind of understand why the Anime Mirai Project 2012 funded this show. It’s not my style at all and targets an audience younger than 12 years old, but it’s still pretty darn awesome.

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The Young Animator Training Project is a government funding program which helps young animators learn on-the-job experience through a 23-minute anime show. Therefore, sorry to tell you guys but the show will not be a part of the Spring season like I thought it would be.

little witch dianaAlright, so let’s not be biased here and say this was a cheesy piece of fuck, even though it basically was. Considering the target audience, I thought it to be really damn awesome, and I can definitely say this show had awesome potential and could totally be accepted as a real show. When the girls entered the labyrinth and started fighting monsters the size of a castle, I was impressed. Moreover, the personalities of the main characters were definitely interesting and easy to like. I personally had a thing for Sucy, the poison girl. Man, you know you’re psychotic when you make poisons that pierce through a Minotaur and then through a floor made of stone.little witch sucy smile

The only things that really bothered me in the show were the first few minutes of the episode and the actual existence of the dragon itself. The intro to the show was very boring and, to be honest, extremely copying Harry Potter. I didn’t like the school of magic very much, at least until they reached the cave of treasures. At that point, what started bothering me was the idea of sending children out alone to a ace full of monsters that can destroy the world. Seeing as they are still students, I definitely wouldn’t have sent them out there like that without at least a safety mechanism where they could come back at anytime they want. Another thing was the actual location of the dragon: who the hell would put a thing that freakin’ dangerous right under a school full of kids? Moreover, why send the kids close to that freakin’ thing?! Basically it just sounded all way too unreal and I wasn’t too satisfied with the idea. That was pretty much all I had with it though, and I have to say that most of the show was actually well done (just outside of what I like to watch).

It looks so adorable! :3

It looks so adorable! :3

For a project which focused mainly on training young animators, I must say that I was clearly impressed with the animation quality shown in this episode. Whenever Akko fell or when she pulled a Shiny Arc, I could definitely see the effort and the budget put into the show; I’m sure many animators learned a lot from this project. The Japanese government had a great funding idea, and I’m glad that an episode like this came out of it. I’m sure any kid could like this show and hope that an actual series of it comes out soon.

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