Witch Craft Works episode 1 [First Impression]: Bunny Attack

Witch Craft Works bunny army

Well, J.C staff just have its own unique way to take some awesome original and fun concept and make sure that it is as bad and generic as humanly possible. At first sight Witch Craft Works might seem like a fun comedy/fantasy show that makes you laugh with interesting story and universe, but the reality is…I doubt anyone could bare watching 4 episodes of Witch Craft Works and not go insane. The character design is completely awful, the “princess” is admired by all but is such an ugly character, I have yet to figure out if it was some ironic design choice or if they are completely oblivious at how ugly that fire witch is. She has a plain inexpressive face and boobs so fake and big that they completely ruin her otherwise good body shape. She’s been praised for her hair but compared to every single other girl at the school she is by far the ugliest and more plain girl there is, if you forget her wealth, that girl is complete crap.

Character aside, the show universe was pretty interesting, having a witch fight bunnies was an hilarious way to introduce the universe and if Rayman ever thought us anything, it is that bunnies are the most hilarious evil thing out there to fight. Having said that, this was the only upside to the show and I can easily see myself get bored of this novelty after just a few episodes, the character design looks terrible, the story looks empty and I’m sure that most of the show will be spend over trivialities and no real story or issues will ever be explored. I won’t be watching or blogging this show, I don’t recommend it past the first episode to anyone either, after 10 minutes I’ve had my fill of its novelty, I don’t think anyone short of a 10 year old could enjoy watching this show in its integrity.

ZeroGhj signing off

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