Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 10: Macal and Labon

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil moyoyon

Well we finally got our episode where nearly everything has been revealed, now lets go through everything we’ve learned and see what might come out of it. First we got to talk about the summoning of Lucifer and what it involves with Cecil.

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We already knew that Lucifer was the objective of the Macal squad and everything, but now we actually learn that they have a plan to control him. It is already reassuring me quite a bit to learn that they at least have a plan to control Lucifer and they don’t just hope he will listen to their request just because it involves a lot of killing and unjust domination by the strong. They seem to intent to use Cecil incredible magical power to subdue Lucifer somehow, this sounds like a good idea, but it lacks a lot of details. Will Cecil become the vessel which Lucifer will inhabit? This doesn’t sound like such a great theory, because for  the sake of the show, I’m certain that Lucifer will have to appear to make things more awesome and the show wouldn’t kill off Cecil at this point as she is the main protagonist. So if Cecil cannot die in the summoning, how else could she be used? My theory is that she will either try to subdue Lucifer or she will simply be a sacrifice for him. Now why would Lucifer be interested in her as a sacrifice more than someone else…I have no idea.

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The idea of summoning a Lord Demon of Evil has always been one that I found rather difficult to grasp. I would never trust something evil to help me do my bidding, even if those were evil in nature too. But enough said about the summoning of Lucifer, I want to talk about the second interesting I found this episode…Moyo! That girl is what fascinate me the most about the show, I keep on hyping her up in my mind and she is growing to become a real obsession of mine. I know that the super manly shark squad are telling Cecil to be wary of her, but I don’t want Moyo to turn into some kind of evil being, I want her to become the star of the show, a super powerful mastermind ! I want her to reveal or extraordinary magical power and I want to learn everything that she has to do about Cecil. I am fairly certain at this point that Moyo was the one responsible for bringing Cecil back to life, her powerful magic and her knowledge of Cecil just made this a really reasonable guess. Moyo super powers also makes me wonder why Cecil is said to be the super wizard that only comes once every century. Moyo is clearly a much more powerful wizard than Cecil could ever hope to be, so why is she not the one that everyone is running after and why does everyone think that Cecil is the one?

So many questions and there are only 2 more episodes before we find out about everything. Hopefully the answer won’t disappoint.

ZeroGhj signing off

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