Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 9: Summoning Lucifer

Wizard Barrister - Benmashi Cecil dragon verdict

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I feel like nothing really happened that we didn’t already knew about this episode. The episode felt long and to drag out quite a bit when it could have been much shorter and we could have jumped straight to the actually relevant part of the story. I really don’t care for a love relationship to start developing now, I just want this big mystery to be revealed and to start seeing where things will go from there.

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There is one new thing that was revealed this episode, a plan to awaken Lucifer, they are trying to take control of the demon to kill all human and for wizard to regain control of the earth. Now, it is one thing to want to regain control and power for your people. but it is going quite a bit farther to involve demon, summoning and sacrifices into the lot. I was completely on-board with the whole plan to dominate humanity, but I kind of completely lost interest when divine monsters where involved in that grab for power. It is something rather different to prepare a worldwide coup and summoning Lucifer.

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There is one good thing that we can look forward to though, for once the truth as started to be revealed to Cecil. We might now finally, next episode, learn exactly what this 6 year long plan was all about and how Cecil was involved in it and how she died. I want to know everything this world has to offer when it comes to magic and I want to understand what is happening since the beginning around the story that we have been show. Let me be honest here, the primary story that we are shown, Cecil, the cases, the relationship with everyone at Butterfly…that’s all stuff I could care less about. I would have dropped the show ages ago if it was the only thing interesting about the show because that part of it was really weak. The strong point and what kept me watching was everything that was never explicitly said, everything we had to guess and read between the lines. Taking things at face value diminishes the experience, having to figure it out for yourself is where all the fun of thriller lies.

Wizard Barrister - Benmashi Cecil saved by bishounen

I won’t go into huge details about this episode, because I feel everything interesting that happened this episode will be revealed completely in the next one. This episode was just a transition between the reveal of last week and the future reveal of next week. We got a nice and appreciated flashback to the verdict of Cecil’s mother, but we didn’t learn anything new here, we were told the story thousands of time already. It just finally gave us a visual of what we were told so many times. Overall a pretty meh episode, but next one should already be much better.

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