Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 11: Becoming one with Lucifer

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil vicious succubus

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Alright so, there were a lot of awesome thing that happened this episode, it really felt like a final episode to me, but I got to go over something else first. Why would all this happen and not just end the show there? Why is it that they really need another episode to conclude things a bit more and “expose the truth”. I understand that it is something important in the show and that the law judge all and that Cecil loves to follow the right procedure…but is it really necessary? I don’t really care about watching the show anymore, I don’t need that 12th episode. No matter the outcome of the final episode, all the answers I wanted, I already got, which brings me to the topic of Moyo.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil coming together

Damn that girl is even more awesome than I first thought. I knew she was powerful and really interesting for a long while now, but I didn’t wanted to believe that she was the lord of hell herself. There is something rather fantastic and incredibly funny to see Cecil fuse with Lucifer to become a super being. If there is one thing that I would not see Cecil has, it is definitively the Lord of Hell. That girl is so pure and innocent, there is no wonder that Lucifer wanted to take her and fuse with her, I’d want to corrupt her just as much. There is a certain pleasure at corrupting the pretty, fragile and innocent. Unfortunately, I don’t thing that those were Moyo’s intentions, but a man can always dream. Now I’m just a bit sad because it seems quite likely that Moyo will never get a bigger role in the final episode, she will probably keep on acting as Cecil’s guardian angel and she probably won’t get to bring much more awesomeness to the show.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil moyo lucifer

We have one episode to go and this episode everything came to a close, the complete truth of Moyo and Cecil was revealed, we saw the summoning of Lucifer complete and the whole Macal group fall apart, it seems that the good guy have won and the bad guy have nothing left for them. Wizard Barristers was an interesting show, but I wouldn’t classify it interesting enough to have a second season. Just the fact that there is another episode after this one already leave a weird taste in my mouth, I would have much rather everything be over already. Either way, next episode should have some interesting things pop up, we might learn a bit more about the truth or see Cecil get in trouble with her own feeling for defending the man she just stopped. Not something I’m looking forward to, but hey, it is better than a swimsuit episode to conclude everything…right?

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