Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 12 [Final]: Final Trial

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After watching this final episode, I remain with my statement of last episode that it was definitively unnecessary and we could have just ended the show last episode without any problem. The episode brought a bit of finality to the issue of Cecil’s mother and gave a final trial, but in the end the truth was only partially revealed and there was really no real conclusion here. I found the episode to be rather boring overall, I really wish there was more to it than what we saw, I wish the show would have gone more into the depth rather than in another case without much conclusion.

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We end the season and we still have the bad guy alive, Lucifer is still around living life as always and no one seemed bothered for a second that a high ranking member of society tried to KILL EVERYONE BY SUMMONING LUCIFER. I understand that people are living in a world of magic, but it is really something else to have a judge nearly killed in the courtroom, along with audience member, and have everyone smile and cracking jokes afterwards. It gets really difficult to take the ending seriously when stuff like that happens.

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I won’t be making an overall review for Wizard Barristers because I don’t think the show was good enough or special enough to bother making one. The show was average, it seems that it was too hesitant to decide if it wanted to be serious and dramatic or fun and light-hearted and they really failed to maintain a decent balance there. The story was interesting, but there were a lot of characters and they each had very limited screen time for a 12 episodes show. It was difficult for any of the character to really develop, somehow Cecil was the main character and at the center of every episode and barely developed too. Overall I feel that the show had too much trouble finding what it wanted to be, I felt like I was watching a mix of Dora the Explorer and CSI.

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Wizard Barristers also had a mechanic for magic that really wasn’t explained well enough for us to fully grasp what we were watching. It was really difficult at time to understand the law and status quo of that world because we were never explained how things worked to begin with. It was therefore difficult to get really immersed in their universe and to understand the impact and scale of what was going on around Cecil. From the look of everyone who worked at the office it often felt like what happen was just normal business and nothing too out of the ordinary.

Overall I think that Wizard Barristers is not a show that should be watched, it didn’t bring anything new to the anime genre, not in character, not in universe, not in its story either. I think the whole show was not terrible in any aspect, but it just failed to produce anything good.

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