Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 2: Destroying the world to solve a case

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil mecha battle

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It is so difficult to decide if I’ll enjoy Wizard Barristers or not, this second episode really seem to give a good idea as to where things will be going in the future. If anything Wizard Barristers sound a lot more like a magical CSI than anything else. I greatly appreciated the court and the search for evidence in a complicated and discriminating world, but Cecil herself and the battles I find to be rather annoying. Cecil just has this aura of magical girl, defiant genius who speaks and act like a child in the adult world. She has both the innocence and strength of a magical girl and I just have a bit of trouble with this kind of character in general. We are only at the second episode of Wizard Barristers, but overall I am not too pleased with the character design and character depth of everyone in the office. It really feels like most characters are rather shallow and have nothing more than meet the eyes to them. Obviously this judgement is rather harsh and blind considering how early we are in the story, but it is simply the feeling the show is giving me.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil scolded

The other thing I wasn’t a fan of this episode were the fighting scenes. I really liked the kind of fighting we saw in the first episode but I didn’t expect for this show to suddenly turn into a mecha. Look, I love mecha in general, but I just don’t believe that there is a reason for a magical show to incorporate such genre, everything was awesome and great without giant robot battling it out in the middle of a lake. I’d love for things to remain with fireball, wind and ice when it comes to combat and limit the amount of mecha activity. The universe of the show looks so credible and real in general that it kind of break the magical feeling once you have Godzilla and King Kong rampaging in the middle of the street destroying the whole city. If this kind of combat was so common the whole city would have been flattened to the ground in a week. Small scale conflict with guns and fire seemed possible and viable, but the complete destruction of a port and a hanger seems a bit excessive.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil mecha

I’m just not sure anymore if I’ll be able to deal with Wizard Barristers, the show format as great premise but the characters and the action are starting to turn me off a bit. I’ll continue to blog the show on the short term but I’m hoping that the formula will change a bit in the future to have something a bit more realistic than what we are witnessing right now.

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