Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil episode 4: Its a conspiracy

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil its a conspiracy

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Well, things are already putting themselves together rather quickly in Wizard Barristers. After the reveal of Grimoire 365 last episode it was rather obvious that the show would head this way, but I didn’t expect for that much information about the organization and Grimoire 365 to be revealed just one episode later. Just one episode after and we already have the oldest creepy grandpa talking about some Grimoire 365 who has the history of Wud and how they used to fight in the past, later in the episode we have some psycho revealing that they were after Cecil all along and finally in the end we have the police investigator who turns out to be a wizard and the leader of some evil organization related to Grimoire 365. All this development only in the 5th episode of the show makes me think that the show current status quo will either change really rapidly into something a bit more unsettling and chaotic, or there will be a lot of filler episodes somewhere around the middle of the show. Both options sounds rather plausible, but considering the overall quality of the show I expect things to get more awesome rather than turning into fillers.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil psycho

Let’s backtrack a bit and go back to this police officer. At the beginning of the episode he was caught using wind magic to catch a criminal, the criminal in question would turn out to be his accomplice who was probably told to be captured in such fashion. In the end, everything was just a huge conspiracy to get Cecil involved in a case which would lead her to her doom. I’m pretty sure it was already planned that Cecil wouldn’t get hurt in any way, I think that what happened was exactly what was planned and that the only thing which was off for their plan this episode was Moyoyon for some reason. That police officer is conspiring in the back of everyone and he seems to be using his power to imprison innocent Wuds and have his prophecy fulfilled with a little bit of help. I wouldn’t be surprised if more members of government were involved in this and if Cecil isn’t starting to become the center of something much bigger than she anticipated. For all I know her mother was imprisoned for the sole purpose of motivating Cecil in the path she currently took.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil sand magic

It all seems to be working, because Cecil has now awakened her 3rd power now. She now has power over fire, metal and sand. Considering the current trend I wouldn’t be surprised if she awakened a new power every episode from now on. It seems that her magic knows no bound and that Cecil’s father was somehow involved in all this by giving her the tools to awaken more power than any normal human being. Now who was her father and what was his intention is something we might not long until a long while, but I’m sure even more clues about this whole conspiracy will be revealed next episode and I’m looking forward to it.

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