Wooser no Sono Higurashi episode 1 – 2 [First Impression]: Lamest show yet

This show might be only 3 minutes, but they were the lamest 3 minutes I saw in a while. Wooser is a boring and useless character, the two girls next to him seem like slutty versions of the ice climbers, and the show’s genre is really lame and uninteresting.

The show consists of a series of mini sketches that are supposed to be funny and silly. What the show actually is is a completely different story. The jokes gave me a faint smile at best, but most of them simply left me annoyed at how lame they were. I must admit even I stayed there wondering what was the point of the pirate sketch. I still don’t understand what it was about, and it consisted of 33% of the episode.

The only positive thing I have to say about this show was the slutty picture of the two girls at the very end, since otherwise the whole 3 minutes was simply a waste of time. The animation is terrible, the characters are terrible, there is no story, the jokes were lame, the music was lame and what the fuck is Wooser supposed to represent anyway.

I know this takes only a second to watch, but don’t do it kids, it is not worth it. Go watch the paint on your walls dry instead, it will be a much more productive use of your time. Just in case I did not make it clear enough, I won’t be covering this show, nor will I watch it. To be honest, I’m surprised a sub team even bothered with this one to begin with.

ZeroGhj signing off

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