Working!! Season 2 Episodes 11 + 12: More slow bullshit

I am terribly sorry for the delay, due to studying my ass off for exams I was too busy to write last week’s post. I AM NOW BACK!!! And for a while, since it is now Winter Break *proud stance* I dunno why I should be proud...

Yachiyo's in luuuuuurv! ^.^

Episode 10 consists of… Nothing… Just comedy bullcrap. And more comedy bullcrap. Oh, AND LOOK AT THAT!!! Sato indirectly confessed!!! *dances around* Is this finally the start of something interesting?!?!?

With this, Yachiyo feels flustered because she hasn’t heard any name, and she’s really bothered by it Hehehehehehehe. Meanwhile, Sato believes that it’s about time for him to give up on her, since she’s not interesting DON’T DO IT. DON’T YOU DARE DO IT. I MIGHT JUST THROW YOU A CHAIR IN THE FACE. In the end, both end up in the same, tiny room, discussing what Yachiyo heard. They seem to get really close, and then Sato finally decides to confess-NO?????


…..But… WASN’T IT THE PERFECT TIME?!?!?! ARRRRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!)&##@&#*(?@#

*breathes* Ok, let’s calm down… With this, Yachiyo’s problem is resolved, she goes back to normal and the episode ends as Sato has decided “to pressure himself” into trying to do something about his love for Yachiyo.


Episode 11 Impression

…That’s it?

…ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Alright, so I was under the impression that we’d get some amazing development this episode, but apparently not… All this suspense, only for Sato to “pressure himself” in the end… I thought for sure he was going to confess!!The only good thing that was developed in the end ended up being Yachiyo’s reaction to knowing that Sato liked someone. She was so adorable… But besides that, I think this show likes trolling too much… It’s not the first time something like this happens -_-‘.

On a random side note, there were way too many useless moments in this episode… Like Yamada’s lost Daisy and Nazuna’s family experiences. They were both really random and I kinda found them funny but considering this show is nearing the end I’m kinda anxiously waiting for something to happen. Else I may just be bored to death… Or I might die from raging… Whichever one it is, my chances of survival are meek. So I hope this gets better I dun wanna diiiie...


Episode 12

Inami has broken a record!! She hasn’t hit Takanashi in a long time!!

Therefore, she tries to solve her androphobia even more and decides to ask Taneshima and Yamada. Of course, since they’re useless, she ends up being dressed as a guy and that’s all that happens… BUT, after all that uselessness, Inami and Takanashi start texting each other!

After this not interesting development, Takanashi meets Kirio once again, talks to him a bit, is told that he’s an idiot because he has no clue that Inami likes him, and then at work Inami tries her bestest to keep her record going and not punch anyone. She seems to be doing fairly well, ends up punching the hell out of Daisy, and in the end has a pathetic conversation with Takanashi and the episode ends.

Episode 12 Impression

Well… At least Inami’s androphobie is slowly being cured! That’s good… I guess…?


NO IT’S NOT!! WTF IS WITH THIS ROMANCE THAT HAS BARELY ANY DEVELOPMENT!!!!!! This show makes me rage so much. It’s a good thing that at least it has a good dose of humour… Or else I might just become like Inami, except i’d have a Working!!phobia and I’d punch my computer everytime I watch an episode Actually, when I think about it, that’s a VERY bad idea...

Don't worry, it's okay, I'm crying too. Out of sheer rage! *grumblegrumble*

Anyways… Although I thought it was fine that Inami’s androphobia is getting cured, considering this is episode 12 of the second season, we should be about reaching the point where they’ve both admitted that they like each other! This show pisses me off. So much. What’s more, next week is all about Poplar and how she’s leaving. Meaning: No romance development at all. Great… Turns out I may actually die of rage in the end -_-‘. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Facial Expression of the Week

Merry Christmas everyone! I give you all this tree in order to celebrate the holidays!

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