Working!! Season 2 Overall Review

Alright, let’s bring this thing down! Because, let’s be honest here, this second season ended up being a complete disappointment. That’s what it was to me, anyways.



Main plot development: 0/10

Side plot development: 1.5/10 gotta give Sato some credit at least

Romantic development in general: 2/10

Humour: 6.5/10

Final Score: 3/10

I was expecting much more development this season… In the end, nothing happened. Sato and Yachiyo became friends, and that’s about the only thing that actually made things move forward a little bit. The bond between Takanashi and Inami is still the same, and it was barely even touched in all these 13 episodes. I was incredibly disappointed in terms of plot, and I must say that I expected more from this second season of a romance show.



Oh boy. Now where should I start…

The character development was absolutely horrid. All the characters stayed exactly the same as they were in the first season. I saw no change whatsoever. Yachiyo may have started realizing that she likes Sato, and that’s about the only semi-development I found in all these 13 episodes. Nothing. Happened.

As for newly found characters, I could say the same… The two delinquent twins were useless, Yamada Kirio never finds his sister which we all know is Yamada from the restaurant, and Otoo’s wife is still hanging out in the sewage system I have to admit that one was pretty original. Meanwhile, Takanashi is still the biggest idiot on the planet and Inami still punches guys although apparently to a lesser extent now.

Moreover, I hated the complete ignoring of Matsumoto Maya, who suddenly decided to come back and have some air time in the last episode, when she was completely ignored for the first 12. She was just too random, despite being awesome, in the last episode and although I like her she just pissed me off.

Basically, character-wise, nothing changed from the first season, and everything was basically put on a standstill. The only difference was the relationship between Sato and Yachiyo, which got better, however in the end the development was still so scarce that it wasn’t worth watching the whole show for that.



Well then, at least here’s where the show was decent. OP was good, ED was fine, the quality and character art were great. If I had to put anything wrong about it, then I guess you could say that the super huge pauses shoved in the episodes to “make an awkward but funny ambience” were just plain boring. Seriously, it made me wanna fall asleep.


Overall Impression

And here I thought we would see them more... *sighs*

Overall, this was bad. Although it was still funny and not such a bad quality, the fact that the producers made this thing stay on a standstill for the whole second season brought it down a whole lot. I was really disappointed, only a few episodes were actually good, and the ending was absolutely terrible. Moreover, the character development was close to none, and I don’t even want to talk about the romance development anymore since I might destroy villages if I do. In the end, it’s better to finish watching the first season and not to watch this one, unless you expect no plot and no character development. Oh, and a few boring episodes that don’t even have good humour either.

Recommended: No

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