The World God only Knows 3 episode 2: finding Waldo… the Goddess version

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After Kanon is stabbed, we learn from Haqua that she has only about a week left to live. We also learn from Tenri that if all of her sisters were together she would be able to save Kanon from the curse. With this in mind, Keima decides to find all goddesses residing in old conquests, and thins down his research to 5 girls, where 4 Goddesses are god goddesses


And there you have it, the story which we will be following for this new season.

It’s time for a reconquest! All those characters that we loved and found so awesome are now coming back, cuter than ever. It seems that we’ll be seeing mostly girls from the first season as well as the 2 characters only known through Keima’s summaries (which was the reason why they were summarized in the first place). The only exception to that is Chihiro, but considering Keima’s reasoning on the proximity of all the characters she definitely has to be part of the search.

hey there sexy, how ya doin'?

hey there sexy, how ya doin’?

Honestly, I just love slapstick. Girls kicking guys' asses are always cool.

Honestly, I just love slapstick. Girls kicking guys’ asses are always cool.

 The only problem Keima has now is that apparently there are Goddesses in all of the bodies… Or are there? Seems to me like all those girls like Keima pretty well. We definitely know that Chihiro and Ayumi are pissed; and, considering they’re best friends and Keima has to try and conquer them both at the same time without creating a love triangle, I can imagine things will definitely get funny in between those 3. I can also imagine that whatever happens with Yui will disturb the hell out of Keima; she’s the man in the relationship now, and seeing his face in this episode when she confessed to him was hilarious.

world god shiori shyThis arc was really well done in manga, and from the looks of it the anime will be follwing this story very well. After all, considering just how darn good this story is in its origin, there is no need to change it at all, and the only thing that producers are doing right now is making me drool everywhere over how freakin’ awesome this animation is. The show is pretty to the eye, the characters’ voice actors are awesome, the movement of characters is fluid and the character designs are ridiculously cute; moreover, I could play the opening over and over without ever getting sick of it. I feel like I will fangirl more than once over the beautiful animation of this show, but I’ll be dead honest here when I say this show is one of the best adaptations I’ve seen.

world god despairThe last thing I want to point out concerns Keima’s reaction before he figured he had to conquer everyone else, when he was told that Kanon only had a week left to live. His look of despair, at first, was already pretty interesting already for a seemingly heartless man like him, however what was even better was the way that he reacted afterwards; instead of despairing, he automatically went into action mode to try and do something to save Kanon. This proves a bit more that Keima isn’t, like people would think, a coward who’s afraid of the real world; it’s already pretty much established that this guy usually just doesn’t give a shit. When things get serious, however, he isn’t afraid to do something about it, and I thought that to be pretty admirable of him. Keima isn’t a loser… Just a really hardcore otaku. That’s all.

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