The World God Only Knows 3 episode 3: Busy Schedule

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In order to try and conquer everyone in the right time frame, Keima attempts to go home together with all 5 of the girls who may contain goddesses. After all his plans fail, in the end Keima still manages to see everyone separately the way he wanted to, and he can then move on to the date on Sunday… With all 5 girls seen separately.


Man, this might get a little crazy.

So, how does it feel to be dating 5 girls at the same time? Ask Keima, it seems like he’ll be doing just that. His schedule is sure to be busy in the week to come! I really like the way this is going: totally unplanned and unpredictable. Unlike the usual, Keima will have to improvise on the spot a whole lot; more so than he’s ever done before. From this episode, I could already see how crazy this was already, and I can only imagine what it’ll be like next episode, when Keima has to apparently spend a whole day with 5 girls at the same time. Good luck dude, and remind me never to be a player, EVER.

world god shiomiya shioriThis episode was quite eventful, and I must say I enjoyed it deeply from beginning to end. This time, unlike last week’s episode, we finally saw a little more of the characters for us to love them all over again. I was particularly fond of Shiori; in fact, that girl used to be my favourite character for a long time. She just too cute; so cute, I can’t even describe it. Her story from today was just absolutely wonderful, and the interaction between her and Keima then was so original, yet so god damn adorable. The scene was played out beautifully, and I was fangirling the whole way through. It’s pretty obvious that Shiori has a Goddess in her, considering her story… Damn, that girl’s adorable.

 Fun fact: the mangaka at first didn't intend to bring back Shiori as part of
 the Goddess hunt, but everyone loved her too much so she brought her back anyways.

world god yui scaryMoving on… As I said last episode, Yui’s reconquest is simply amazing. Who would’ve thought that Keima could be disturbed this much by a real girl! After Chihiro’s first conquest, I didn’t think someone could confuse him that much, but Yui’s personality is just too awesome. Her actual conquest was okay, but seeing her now dressed as a boy is the most hilarious thing ever. Tsukiko’s reaction to Keima was also pretty cute, but it seems like we still haven’t seen enough of her as of yet. For non-manga readers (or forgetters like me), she isn’t doing much right now except being super tsundere and kinda cute.

world god chihiro guitarFinally, whatever will happen with Chihiro and Ayumi will definitely be interesting. It seems like Ayumi is the most stubborn one of all, and she’s determined to hate Keima for a long, long time. Unfortunately, Keima doesn’t have a long time… As for Chihiro, well she’s personally on par with Shiori as the No.1 favourite girl of the show, so of course I love seeing her again. The way she disturbed Keima way back in season 2 was really intense, and her conquest was one of the most interesting ones of all. Therefore, I’m looking forward to seeing her more in this Goddess Hunt…

Next episode is a date! Or multiple ones… Anyways…


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