The World Only God Knows 3 episode 5: reverse conquest

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It’s a date! Yui and Keima go to the amusement park together… With Keima as the girl and Yui as the boy. After many attractions and great acting skills on Keima’s part, Yui eventually ends up saving Keima from an evil demon, who turns out to be Haqua because it was all just an act in order to wake up the Goddess, Mars, from inside of Yui. A startegy which works superbly, and which wakes up the third of all 5 Jupiter sisters. world god yui keima kiss


That was so cool! I freakin’ love this show.

Honestly, seeing such an original conquest is not something you’d see in any show; the World God Only Knows is the only show where I can say I’ve seen the best conquering scenes in any romance… Multiple times. Whenever a great conquest happens, it doesn’t take long before another one takes over… My romantic heart is going all fangirl over every episode, despite the fact that I’ve read the manga and knows what will happen.

world god keima cuteAnd so, in this episode we got ourselves a pretty darn good gender bender. Seeing Keima dressed up as a cute girl and act as the character being conquered was absolutely hilarious… This guy’s acting skills are pretty darn good. I’m always amazed at how antisocial yet how un-embarrassed this guy is; he always makes me feel like he’s always wanted to be unpopular because it’s better that way for him. That’s not something you see a lot in society today, considering that being “unpopular” has such a bad stereotype usually… But it’s really not that bad being alone. No matter what stupid shit you might do, people will just think it as normal and not over-judge: after all, if you’re already at your lowest on the social scale you can’t go worse, right? Well, it seems that Keima understood that, and now he’s gone and dressed himself up as a girl in the middle of an amusement park, and apparently he was even cute enough to get picked up. Now that was entertaining. world god keima shy

Another thing which I particularly enjoyed was Yui’s personality in general. You don’t often see such an awesome boyish character exactly because of what Keima said: she’s a heroine, which means she fits the status of the main character too much to actually be a girl to be conquered. In this, the World God Only Knows can allow itself many different girl types that usually wouldn’t work, because of the whole concept behind Keima’s conquer quests; it’s not love, just a conquest. And so, in this episode we managed to get an awesome boy character, who just went and saved Keima from a demon (I guess Haqua getting her clothes ripped off was a bonus), therefore awakening her Goddess powers.

world god marsAnd so, we met Mars. As a goddess, Mars is probably in my least favourites… She’s violent and cool, but I feel as though she just doesn’t compare with the other ones because they are so godly awesome (yeah, dumb pun, I know). Somehow, I just couldn’t remember Yui’s second conquest very well, and she never stuck as a character I loved very much… Same for Tsukiko. Considering I still fangirled very much in those two conquests, I guess I should brace myself for the ones I know are awesome… Oh man, My body isn’t ready for this.

Next week is Shiori time! Maybe she’s another Goddess? There are only two left, so we’ll have to start something confusing at some point or another… Keima can’t get them all in one shot, can he? (That would be too boring)

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