The World God only Knows episode 12 [Final]: Best Ending

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*sobsobsobsobsob* This was absolutely perfect.

I can’t remember a time where I’ve watched an anime and bawled my eyes out so much without having anyone dead. The relationship between Keima and Chihiro was so beautiful, and the fact that they couldn’t be together in the end only made it even better; the counterpart to that was that it brought me to tears that wouldn’t stop flowing. I knew what was going to happen and I was crying like a maniac; I can’t even imagine what it’d be like for someone who doesn’t know what will happen to watch this episode.

world god keima ayumi kissBefore we keep going on about Chihiro, however, I want to bring to light the last few scenes of Ayumi’s conquest. It seems like the story once again greeted my expectations in realism in that Keima did not actually marry someone he was not in love with at all. Their “marriage ceremony” in the end was more of a joke than anything, and Ayumi seemed to take it pretty well. Knowing that she was a part of a grater scheme, and that Keima wasn’t doing this for his own pleasure, she kept her feelings out in the open and made a decision for herself: “I’m the one who decided to fall in love with you!” This, in comparison with everyone else’s conquest, was really what made Ayumi stand out above the others. She was so tough to conquer because she had such feelings; and her strength of emotion only came out stronger in the end, making this conquest so beautiful I could have smiled sweetly if I wasn’t crying so much.

world god keima cryBut enough about Ayumi, because I honestly couldn’t care much about her right now. We now have an almost definite proof that Keima is in love with Chihiro: apart from the fact that he looked like the saddest person in the world when he saw her leave his house, the scene where he was crying by himself saying “Earlier, that wasn’t what I meant to say.” Now, depending on how “earlier” he means, the sentence could have different meanings (the manga even states “that time” which could bring him back all the way to the scene where he told Chihiro he didn’t love her), but we get the jist of it, which is that he’s really fucking sad because he won’t get to talk to her ever again. *sniff* That smells like love to me… The fact that he has her pick on him at all times, even when conquering Ayumi, is also another sign of his god keima chihiro hug

Our little Keima has finally fallen in love with a real girl! Although, it seems like he feels he doesn’t deserve Chihiro’s love, after all that he did to her. That is probably the reason why he rejected her again in the end despite the feelings he had; it would be his type of thing to think.

As much as I loved this episode, and as much as I was crying, I feel like I’ve already exhausted all that I could talk about. In the end, this season of The World God only Knows became the best of all three by far, and made this anime many times better than the manga. The anime producers managed to turn a great manga into a masterpiece of an anime, thanks to great animation and soundtrack; I could never have been happier about the way this turned out on screen. If anyone wants to read on in the next arc, they may feel free to read the manga, but the anime in itself is worthy of a masterpiece; no other romance show will be as cute, original and deeply sad as this one. My wishes now are that there is never another season for this anime; I would never want to ruin the perfect ending this episode gave us for this god chihiro bright

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