The World god Only Knows episode 7: a Double Sick Event

world god bed together


It seems like Keima has got a cold! Intent on not wasting a single minute, Keima calls Ayumi and makes her worry enough that he’ll have her visit and take care of him. She does, until he gets a visit from Chihiro as well, and so he decides to hide Ayumi in his bed for the time being. In the end, however, Chihiro confesses to Keima, and Ayumi, for her friend, decides to give up on him and leaves him alone for Chihiro to god ayumi sad


*gasps for air* And so, my favourite conquest(s) begin(s).

Where do I even start? This episode was a lot more eventful than the summary would make one believe. Who would have thought that a sickly person could bring in so many affection points for these two lovely young ladies? Of course, when Keima’s the sickly person, it’s obvious for him to take advantage of his condition to the fullest; that, he did. This guy’s manipulating skills are really top notch: for someone who was caught off guard, he pulled off some quite amazing stunts out of the blue. Having him hug Ayumi under the blankets while talking with Chihiro was so cute/funny, and I couldn’t help but be scared that Ayumi would suddenly pop up from under the blankets. The misunderstandings this would have caused… I doubt Keima would have been able to get out of that one alive.

especially with her looking like that.

especially with Ayumi looking like that.

Moving on, it seems like Chihiro really has the talent to stir up Keima and to destroy all his plans. To first show up unattended like that, only to then sing him the rest of her song, and then for her to confess like that… I feel like I’m seeing a less exaggerated version of Yui. Chihiro just goes at her own pace… And that would have been great, if only she hadn’t decided to do all that while Ayumi was there… Now Keima’s butt-fucked.

world god ayumi hideAnd, by that, I mean that there’s no way he’ll be able to get through to Ayumi now if she has a Goddess within her. Whatever he does, she will always be cheering for Chihiro instead; if things go the way any anime would go, the last Goddess will be inside Ayumi, and Keima will have tons of trouble getting through to her. Her feelings are shut off now… Good luck bringing her back. I can definitely expect some good stuff to come out of this conquest!

world god chihiro shyAs for Chihiro, well, for now she seems easy enough to conquer… I mean, Keima pretty much just has to confess back, kiss her and she’ll be the happiest person alive… Right? Of course that wouldn’t work out… I feel like everything has just been so easy before for Keima, now all he’ll have left is a humongous wall called the love triangle. He can’t go for both girls at the same time anymore… Can he? It’s Keima… Maybe he has a way of getting both girls at the same time, still.

For now, however, the “nice person” route that Ayumi has decided to take is sure to complicate things. Behold, people, for this conquest will be getting pretty ugly. I absolutely love it, though.

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