The World God only Knows S3 episode 10: Vintage on the Move

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While Keima tries to make up for his mistake from last episode in order to conquer Ayumi (without much success), Vintage starts moving and captures all the girls Keima has conquered except for Tenri. Haqua also comes to the rescue of Keima, Chihiro and Ayumi, and then tells them that they have a single day left before the Weiss begin their plan, which is to make Earth the new Old Hell.


Well then. Seems like shit’s going down.

So, from conquering girls for the sake of his life, to doing so in order to help New Hell, Keima is now to the point where he is trying to save his own World from evil wrongdoers. What’s more, it seems like the bad guys are pretty much winning at this point. All of his conquests were captured in one shot, and if Haqua hadn’t shown up, the same thing would have happened to Ayumi and Chihiro. Man, this episode was pretty intense, this show being a romance comedy and all…

world god luneAfter forgetting about her for so long (because she’s pretty unimportant anyways, we meet Lune again, who seems definitely way too weird and too unique of a character for the actual role she plays in the whole organization. She’s really just a weakling, after all… I’m sure Haqua would beat her to a pulp in mere seconds. Haqua’s just that badass. This episode, I was definitely surprised by what she did, the way she fought, and for once she did her job right and didn’t fail like when she tries to capture loose souls. She definitely seemed like a top-class student… And she looked freakin’ awesome as she fought. I’m not too sure exactly how she got out, though, since they weren’t too clear on that point… Seems like Dokurou was a traitor, but only so that Haqua could get imprisoned and then smuggled out instead of being outright killed? That’s what I got from it, anyways…

priceless facial expression right there.

priceless facial expression right there.

Moving on, it seems like Keima only keeps screwing up with Ayumi. I’ve honestly never seen him such at a loss when it comes to a conquest. It’s not like he isn’t trying, but his mistakes are just too big this time for him to get her to forget them all like he’d usually do. Also, after what happened last episode I felt bad for him, but this episode he was just such an asshole to Chihiro, I kinda wanted to punch him like she did. Rejecting her in hat way, and then coming out and asking her t help him all of a sudden was just too cruel… I can’t believe this guy when his emotions are shut off. He’s not simply neutral… He’s just plain cruel.

Anyways, no matter what he does, I doubt it’ll be easy to pull Ayumi out of the state of mind that she’s in right now; her anger and her guilt will take over too many things and if this goes on she’ll just fall out of love completely. Keima had the right idea when he said not to give her time to think at all; the less time she has to think, the more confused she will be and the more chances she has of falling in love with him again pretty quickly. That’s the drift I’m getting, anyways…world god ayumi cry

The only issue I’m concerned about is what Keima intends to do with Chihiro. He seems persuaded that she needs to come with him in order to solve the whole issue and for him to do the conquest, but to be honest, I don’t think Chihiro will be too cooperative right now… And I feel like her face would just bring back all the bad memories to Ayumi’s mind. Then again, we can’t read Keima’s mind and he seems to have a plan, so let’s just go with it and assume everything will go fine… Right? Because everything has been going fine since the beginning… Not.

fufufufu... Why would things go normally after all?

fufufufu… Why would things go well so easily after all?

I’m looking forward to the next episode… Whatever happens will be intense, and I actually have no idea how this conquest will turn out because I totally have NOT read the manga *ahem*.

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