The World God Only Knows S3 episode 6: Cute Little Bookworm

world god couple


Shiori is forced by Keima to finish her novel in one day, and after many confidence crashes and inner ramblings, Shiori ends up writing her own life story in the library. In the meantime, her feelings develop for Keima, and Minerva, the Goddess within her, awakens completely.


THAT WAS SO CUUUUUTE! Beware: this is the episode where I fangirl from beginning to end. I just love Shiori so much that I can’t help but rant on and on about how cute she is.

To be honest, Shiori’s story was probably the least eventful one. All Keima had to do was stay with her for a whole day without having to say anything, and her own brain did the rest. The fact that Keima could read her train of thought without being able to actually hear what she was saying was pretty darn impressive of him; it’s almost as if this was a made up story made for Keima to understand her – oh wait. Anyways, despite the complete lack of events, I loved this conquest. Seeing Shiori’s inner monologue keep going as Keima was slowly but surely getting to her was the most entertaining thing to watch. If we hadn’t heard her thoughts, I can only think that Shiori’s conquest would have been the most boring thing ever; some guy just sitting with some quiet girl, until she bursts at him for no reason and then they get together and Shiori’s love blooms. Honestly, that’s what it looks god shiori shy

Another thing I absolutely loved about Shiori’s monologues was how real they felt to me. Other people may or may not have that same feeling, but I’ve always been able to relate to Shiori very well since I’m the type of person to be indecisive and to think way too much, just like her. Making up my own ideas and throwing a fit by myself while it seems like I’m just idling around quietly… Yeaaaah, I do that. Making decisions isn’t my thing. All this to say that Shiori’s personality seems completely real to me; she’s cute, she’s shy, ans she seems like the kind of library girl I could actually see in real life (I wish I could see her in real life… So cute…) None the less, when she decided to write her novel and couldn’t write a thing, I also related to that, and it’s probably one of the reasons why I love Shiori even god stupid

world god wingsFinally, the last thing I’d like to point out is how smart Shiori actually is. Her inner reasoning really isn’t that far-fetched at all. Yes, she might think too much, but that girl actually thinks. Unlike all other girls we’ve seen, she’s quite the self-reflecting type, and realizes herself what kind of person she is; she’s also a huge book freak and remembers every single book she’s read… Which is pretty freakin’ crazy. We don’t tend to think much about how smart girls are in romance/harem shows since they’re usually there just to be cute, but adding this to Shiori’s personality really makes her stand out from other girls; I really love that girl.

Next episode is about Chihiro… Or Ayumi? There’s only one goddess left, and two girls. Seems like this will be a challenge between best friends… A love triangle?

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